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Granted the humanoid alien in Star Trek came from the budget constraint of a life action TV show, but the animated series gave us Catian and other non-humanoid aliens. Even ENT gave us bugs using CGI?

So why can't the game give us some non-humanoid aliens?
The only major hurtle would be animation. Other art asset would have to be modify but I feel like people would pay for such an option.

So here is an idea.
Non-humanoid alien part pack in the C-store AND they come with exclusive traits!

3 or 4 arms:
Extra weapon and device slot(s) and faster interactivity between the players and environment, such as accessing computer or healing teammates. However, for balance sake, selecting this option will decrease your total number of traits down to 3 instead of the usual 4. And faster space ability recharge time. More fingers, faster button clicking while on the bridge.

Wings (insect or bird like)
Can select one of the following traits:
- Faster movement, wings will give you faster movement and easier to dodge enemies.
- Hovering and flying, wings will let you fly a short distant from the ground, hover, and never receive any fall damage. BUT movement is at regular speed and when you are not touching the ground, you will be an easier target for enemies.

Can't there be intelligent plant life?
- Photosynthesis healing, you will continuously heal no matter what and heal much faster when standing still and not in combat. Does not work with environment suit.
- Allergic reaction, since you are a plant, you're enemy will be distracted and less able to focus in battle due to the pollen level emitted by you. This only works in close range and will not work if either you or the enemy is wearing environment suit.

Rock-like skin
Thinker rock like skin protect you from physical, kinetic, plasma (from environment and grenade, not plasma beam), and fire damage but weaker against energy damage. Your hit point is higher and your melee attack much more powerful but your movement speed is slower and cannot sprint.

Insect eyes
Player can turn on bug vision which as wider viewing angle at will. This also allows for firing arc of the player to be much wider on the ground. Detect enemy much easier on the ground, even stealth ones. Lastly, increase weapons ground range.

Insect or multi-joint limbs
Player can run and walk away from enemy while firing weapons without hamper (firing weapons with back facing the enemy). Also increase melee attack damage.

Player has higher hit point and have more protection against physical and kinetic damage.

Bird beak
Player will peck at enemy during melee as well as regular melee attack, increasing melee damage done on enemy.

Borg Environmental shielding & internal life support
Exclusive for lifer and Borg toons where having this trait will neglect any environmental damage. So you can survive without a space suit in Nukara and any future space walk mission like the one in the Dominion feature episode. This will also provide more protection against plasma (from environment and grenade, not plasma beam) and flame damage.

Good, bad, terrible?
And I know, the likelihood of anything similar being implemented is slim but I don't see the harm is sharing some ideas.

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01-01-2013, 11:58 AM
Personally, I'm strictly opposed to tying performance bonuses to character appearance. It's somewhat understandable with the canon species, and the current species traits have minor effect on performance anyway. But I have no desire to see the game fill up with weird, non-Star Trek creatures just because it gives some extra bonus.

On the other hand, I'm all for adding such options as purely cosmetic features.
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01-01-2013, 12:00 PM
So Borg parts = half movement , reduced Xp and inabilty to chew solid food
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01-04-2013, 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
So Borg parts = half movement , reduced Xp and inabilty to chew solid food
Normally everything you post annoys me.

This however, is hilarious.

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