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12-31-2012, 10:08 PM
I like to think of these BOFF missions as a holodeck excercise. Could be backed up storywise as an ability to see how well a fit is, BUT, most of these kill 100 ship missions (more like 200 ships+) are made to help grind XP and EC, as well as even Delithium if you do them in conjunction with the Investigate Officer Reports mission, also, a proper 'test' would be against ships that have raised shields, not to mention, ones that fire back.
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These missions already existed, their purpose was to Grind Accolades since, sure getting 1000 Kiingons kills on Fed side was achievable, same with Klingon ships but take Devidians that would require replaying that featured episode more times I could take.

And that is not going over enemies that barely show up, like Orions.

Are they AFK? not all but I am not going to complain running then with my BOFFs doing the work because first, its LOL Ground and second it TEDIOUS and if I can reduce that to a bare minimum I will do it, also they are not (at least the proper ones) on the same level as Clickers because even its just AFK you still have to waste over half a hour killing 500 enemies.

Serious ... why are you people trying to make this so hard on players? the only a Fed can get Fe'kir Ground kills is running Temple about 1000 time sand that just ground, only way to get ships is by Foundry and even KDF is struck on replay hell with some kills being Foundry only (like Gorn) until S6 and Incursion/Colony but that is still gambling it shows up and reply hell.

People always run Accolade Foundry because its either that or replay hell.
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01-03-2013, 09:42 AM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Serious ... why are you people trying to make this so hard on players?
Church lady syndrome.
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01-04-2013, 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by atomictiki View Post
Church lady syndrome.
Maybe because I got some of my kill accolades the "proper" hard way, like the Borg were I did that Cube mission.

However this only works on some cases, Devilians are a pain since there are only a few missions with them, Beasts also means replying a few missions ad nauseum.

Also this is a symptom of "old boy's club" elitism were they are "proper" foundry missions and everything else being "exploits" or "garbage".

Also keep in mind I mentioned accolade missions for a reason, many of those are not AFK ones ... in fact some actually remove the player own avatar from the equation forcing to properly set a away team or are you saying a mission were if the Away team is killed and cannot be revived and so its unwinnable its a AFK exploit?
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The Boff Grinder mission that I have played is written so that you are supposed to place your boffs at a point on the map, and they yoru captain goes to another point to activate a console to start the enemy coming in, and at the same time a wall appears to cut you off from your BOFFs. However, its not a perfect wall, you can get out and NPCs can get in. I actually prefer to help my NPCs by giving them focus fire orders, otherewise for me the missions takes too long and its more fun that way. I've had to go AFK sometimes and I've come back to find my captain dead and my BOFFs plugging away, but that another reason I like this mission, I can go AFK and nothing really bad happens, unlike most other missions where I have to wait for a good point to stop. The story behind this missions is basically what it is, your boffs kill things and you get winnings (dilithium and fleet marks). Its no worse in my mind than some Cryptic missions.

So IMHO I don't really see what the problem is with this mission, its not a story mission, and doesn't advertize itself as one, you can play hands on, or hands off, or a bit of both.

Now the mission at the start of this thread sounds different in that it sounded like there are friendly NPCs that are not your BOFFs who take care of most of the fight and no component of you (captain or boffs) has to do anything. That's taking it too far I think if its not a story mission.
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What I like is story, plot, I like to think about what I'm doing and what I'm reading or experiencing. I like to get caught up in it, immerse myself. I don't care if your story takes 15 minutes or 3 hours. Whether it has combat or no combat. It can be a great example of well-written literature or the worst kind of trashy paperback stuff. But that's what Star Trek is about to me: stories of all different kinds. I love space battles too, but to be Star Trek, it shouldn't be gratuitous, it's gotta serve the story. People who make Star Trek TV shows, games, movies, etc don't always get that part right. Sometimes you have to dig deep to get a real decent story.

Mindless pew pew doesn't appeal to me. AFK doesn't appeal to me. I play a game to play it, not to watch as it goes by.

Bottom line for me is that grinding is a choice. No one is forcing anyone to grind. If you want the rewards associated with the grindy systems, it is your choice to accept that you must grind to get those rewards or do without. I choose to do without. I choose not to grind.

But, because all that doesn't appeal to me doesn't mean the missions in questions are an exploit and doesn't mean people shouldn't make them. The Foundry can be many things to many people, each person gets to decide what it should be to them. I do believe they are a way to game the system, a way to find the absolute minimum amount of effort for maximum gain. I don't like these missions, and I wish the game were such that people wouldn't want to make or play them. But that's life.

So, I don't like 'em, but you go ahead and keep making 'em if you want. And call me an elitist if you want, I'll take it and wear it as a badge of honor.
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I honestly don't really care. I think this is just a symptom of the game STO has become. The kind of people playing these missions aren't the ones you want playing your missions anyway.

All I want is for the reward system to be revamped so equal time gives equal rewards. I don't care if people want to play mindless missions or grind missions, but it bothers me that they get a better reward/time for doing so.

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Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
Also keep in mind I mentioned accolade missions for a reason, many of those are not AFK ones ... in fact some actually remove the player own avatar from the equation forcing to properly set a away team or are you saying a mission were if the Away team is killed and cannot be revived and so its unwinnable its a AFK exploit?

Zone out, zone back in. It's not a perfect method as sometimes the mission zone will fully reset, but usually you'll end up at the last objective you hit and can continue from there.
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I wouldn't play such missions on a regular basis, I don't enjoy that, but i wouldn't blame people using them either, just because I don't think i'm always right. This game puts so much stress on achievements and some of them are so hard to get that i believe it's not really blamable, especially if they do it for fleetmarks. Cryptic's space S6 fleetmark missions are really lame and underrewarding for the amount of stupidity they bring into the game, so, if people want boff grinding missions, then, be it.

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