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01-01-2013, 06:07 PM
Originally Posted by dareau View Post
I have a plan to "fix" this problem...

Take an Orb Weaver or Recluse into PvP a few times. Arm it with 2x Thermionic torpedoes, and find a BOff/DOff combination that allows HY Torp & the thermionics to be firing at approx. global cooldown (aka the minimum wait) speed.

High Yield thermionics have a 100% proc rate, and hopefully the highly-reduced rates will chain them enough to provide near continuous lockdown (much like how it would be in a Tholian PvE combat). We know that once an imbalance is detected in PvP, a fix is applied within 2 weeks of the problem being "identified"...
Don't ruin my pvp build you fool.

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