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# 1 The Ship Thread
01-01-2013, 01:50 AM
Alright, this thread only has one purpose. To post up your ideas on ships and how they would be in game.

The rules of this thread:

1) You may only put up to 3 ship ideas on this thread (preferably all in the same post).

2) Of those 3 ships, only ONE is allowed to be hard canon. The other two MUST be fictional, however all 3 are allowed to be fictional. In addition, 1 ship MUST be Starfleet, and 1 ship MUST be KDF. The last ship is whatever you want it to be (you know you want to make a tribble faction ship!!)

3) Avoid repeating ships if possible. If you think you have a better idea for a ship, you are welcome to post it, but I would discourage that (this also means you have to read all the posts so you know what's been taken already).

4) You MUST post up all stats that the wiki would present.

5) The ship MUST follow all current limits on STO ships (I.E. Only 12 BOff abilities max allowed, only 10 consoles max allowed, only 4 device slots max allowed etc)

6) Your ship is allowed to have a unique console that comes with it. If it can be used on other ships as well, please say so. Also give a brief (effect only, no story behind it etc.) description of the console.

7) You should (not must) post why you made that ship as it is, and why you think it should have what it does.

8) If you want to, you may post up how you would play that ship, but keep it simple.

9) DO NOT ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE'S SHIP IDEAS. That would ruin the whole point of this thread, and would also be very, VERY rude. If you think it's overpowered, well tough luck. We all know that these ships will probably never appear in game, this is just a way for players to express their creativity.

10) There are no rules on how crazy your ships can be other than rule #5, as lame as it is. So go for broke! Make crazy ships with crazy consoles designed for crazy captains! Make lame ships with lame consoles designed for those rainbow and skittle warriors. And of course, you can always make hardcore ships with hardcore consoles for those hardcore PvPers. The only limits on ideas are your imagination.

Added notes:

Other games from the Star Trek genre are considered soft canon, and therefore do not count towards the one canon ship limit. For the purpose of this thread, hard canon are only ships present in the different series and those from novels (graphic or otherwise). For the purpose of this thread, Memory Alpha and Beta do NOT count as hard canon.

When making up fictional ships (Fed/KDF/Other) please try to be somewhat realistic. We can all appreciate the need to make an uber ship, but try to make a ship that would actually be playable without breaking the game. However, if you just want to make a death-star of a ship, or something that makes a Pakled look smart, then by all means do so, let's see what you got!

Finally, before making your entire post, I would recommend you post up your one to three ships beforehand as a reply so your ships aren't taken before making the whole post. You can use the edit feature to flesh out your ships, just make sure you get your names down. Also be sure to label which ship is the canon ship (if it isn't already obvious).
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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# 2
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Undine Nicor Cruiser (Canon)

Rank/Tier: VA/LG, Tier 5
Type: Warship/Combat Cruiser
Hull: 37500
Shield Modifier: 1.05
Weapons: 4 Fore, 4 Aft
Crew: 350
Console Layout: 4 Tactical, 4 Engineering, 2 Science
Device Slots: 3
Turn Rate: 12.5
Inertia Rating: 50
Impulse Modifier: 0.22
BOff Layout: Cmdr Tactical, LtCmdr Engineering, Lt Tactical, Lt Science, Ensign Universal
Added Bonuses: +1% Damage Resistance to Hull per hit, cap at 10%, cannot activate more than once every 5 seconds (biological adaptation), 5% chance restore 50% hull over 5 seconds when hull drops below 25%, cannot happen more than once every 3 minutes (Undine regeneration), +10 power to Weapons, +5 power to Shields, +5 power to Engines
Special Console: Planet Cracker

Planet Cracker summons 6 additional invincible Nicor Cruisers that channel all of their power to your weapons. Your movement speed and turn rate are reduced by 50% and your shields are also reduced to 50% strength. All excess power is diverted to weapons, all other power levels set to 25. Your weapons are temporarily taken offline after 5 seconds. After 15 seconds, as long as you have not had any debuffs/negative status effects (APB counts) and your ship is still alive, fires a single energy blast that does 5000% of forward energy beam weapon of choice with a 120 degree firing arc (damage is not affected by any buffs on your ship, but is affected by any debuffs on your target). If no beams are equipped, does hit equivalent to 5000% of a single mk XII antiproton beam array at 50 weapons power. This ability has a 2% crit chance with 70% crit severity (crit chance and severity are not affected by your actual weapon fired). This ability can miss. 5 minute cooldown.

Short Description:
I designed this cruiser to be a combat ship. It's BOff setup prefers damage over survivability, but doesn't sacrifice much in either area. The small crew is because the ship is smaller, and mostly armor. This ship is designed to be tough, but fast and maneuverable (hence the high turn rate, inertia, and hull). The two passive abilities are courtesy of this ship being an Undine ship (they come with those abilities already), and the power bonuses are designed for damage and speed and survivability. This ship is not concerned with utility, and as such is weak in the science area. Basically, it's the Nicor cruiser from the show as I envision it in STO, fast, powerful, and tough. However, it cannot equip DHCs. This was especially for the Planet Cracker console in mind. It's designed to be able to move in, start a fight, kill lots, and get out if it has to, but still give lots of pain regardless. And with the random hull regen and hardened hull, it can take a hell of a beating.

Charybdis-Class Destroyer

Rank/Tier: VA, Tier 5
Type: Destroyer
Hull: 35000
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Weapons: 4/3
Crew: 450
Console Layout: 4/3/2
Device Slots: 3
Turn Rate: 14.5
Inertia Rating: 50
Impulse Modifier: .18
BOff Layout: Cmdr Tactical, LtCmdr Universal, Lt Engineering, Lt Science, Ensign Engineering
Added Bonuses: +10 power to Weapons, +10 power to Engines
Special Console: Quasar Gravimetric Amplifier

This console creates a large gravimetric distortion that acts like a massive gravity well, drawing all nearby enemies into it, while dealing massive damage to their hull, shields, and energy levels. The longer you remain in the effect, the greater the gravimetric field, and the greater the effect. The distortion lasts 15 seconds, and has a tether/pull range of 10 km in all directions. The event horizon of the distortion is 4 km. Any target closer than 4 km cannot escape the effect. The distortion can be targeted but cannot be destroyed. After the distortion fades/a target escapes, all targets affected by the distortion suffer a 10 second window in which their engine, shield, and aux power are halved. Also all passive hull and shield regen is halved for the first 5 seconds of freedom. 10 minute cooldown.

Short Description:
The Charybdis is a destroyer. Fast and powerful. Like all destroyers, she's a hybrid escort/cruiser, designed for damage dealing, again with limited utility. But due to her lower hull and engineering consoles, I would recommend you use her like a cat and mouse ship, hitting your target hard, and weathering retaliation, but escaping before too much damage is taken. Her turn rate and impulse modifier allow for such tactics, and her tactical capabilities allow her to deal lots of damage. This ship is DHC capable. The universal LtCmdr is to give her added utility if you need it, or to add to her damage/survivability even more. If you add on the gravimetric amplifier console, this ship can be devastating to single targets or even large groups.

Toroth Class Raider

Rank/Tier: LG, Tier 5
Type: Heavy Raider
Hull: 31500
Shield Modifier: .9
Weapons: 4/3
Crew: 150
Console Layout: 5/2/2
Device Slots: 2
Turn Rate: 22
Inertia Rating: 90
Impulse Modifier: .25
BOff Layout: Cmdr Universal, LtCmdr Universal, Lt Universal, Lt Universal, Ensign Universal
Added Bonuses: +15 power to Weapons, +5 power to Engines, Prototype Battle-cloak
Special Console: Subspace Phase-shift Device

The phase-shifter gives all of your weapons a passive 2.5% shield penetration, and gives your ship a passive 5% defense bonus. When activated, it not only boosts that to 400% (10% shield penetration and defense bonus), but also phase shifts all of your projectile weapons so they hit a target from a random direction with 40% shield penetration. However, if a torpedo is under a spread or high yield effect, it hits the target from the same shield facing you're currently facing. This effect lasts for 10 seconds and has a 5 minute cooldown.

Short Description:
This is basically a purely offensively oriented raider. It's got a higher hull and shield than a bird-of-prey, but lower hull and shields than a raptor. It also has a very high number of tactical consoles, giving it massive damage potential. However it sacrifices in survivability and utility. Like all Bird-of-Prey ships, it has only Universal BOffs. However it is also equipped with a prototype battle-cloak. This battle-cloak enables the ship to fire all weapons while remaining cloaked. You do of course de-cloak for a very short period of time to fire, and then immediately re-cloak upon ceasing. While de-cloaked your shields come back online, and only takes them offline after you've cloaked (this also happens upon initial activation of your cloak). Unlike the standard battle-cloak, this cloak also re-activates your shields upon being targeted under cloak. So if a torpedo follows you into cloak, or you are fired upon while cloaked, you immediately de-cloak and your shields come back online at full power regardless of the condition they were in upon entering cloak. This effect only activates if you are targeted while cloaked. The only drawback to this cloak is that it only lasts for 15 seconds if activated under red-alert, or upon entering red-alert. If activated while not in red-alert, like all cloaks it lasts forever.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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# 3
01-01-2013, 03:06 AM
D-5 Battlecruiser
Delta Rising is the best ex... oh sod it, I just want my Jupiter and Typhoon

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# 4
01-01-2013, 09:23 AM
#1 Romulan Griffin Class Cruiser (based upon the Star Trek: Armada design)

Vessel Type: Heavy Cruiser
Hull Strength: 37500
Shield Modifier: 0.95
Weapon Slots: x4 Fore, x4 Aft
Crew Count: 375
Console Layout: x4 Engineering, x2 Tactical, x3 Science
Device Slots: 4
Turn Rate: 14
Bridge Officers: x1 Commander Engineering, x1 Lieutenant Commander Science, x1 Lieutenant Tactical, x1 Lieutenant Engineering, x1 Ensign Tactical
Special: Sensor Jammer ~ Jams Enemy Sensors for 6 seconds. Enemy vessels unable to lock target.
Subnote: Rank and Tier are irrelevant up until Romulan Faction Release at which point this becomes a Tier 5 Retrofit.
Reason: It's one of the Armada Series better designs, and would add to the Romulan Fleet (or what is left of it). It easily looks 24th/25th century, keeping with the traditional Romulan design (though it more resembles the Deridex than it does the Mogai).

#2 Cardassian Hendor Class Warship (based upon the Raven Night Design via Nightsoft Entertainment); there is also a version of this avaliable as a MOD for ST:A2.

Vessel Type: Warship
Hull Strength: 43000
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Weapon Slots: x4 Fore, x4 Aft
Crew Count: 750
Console Layout: x4 Engineering, x3 Tactical, x2 Science
Device Slots: 4
Turn Rate: 8
Bridge Officers: x1 Commander Engineering, x1 Lieutenant Commander Tactical, x1 Lieutenant Science, x1 Lieutenant Engineering, x1 Ensign Tactical
Special: Shield Inversion Beam ~ Excessively Drains enemy target shields and adds them to own. Shield recharge between 33 and 66%.
Subnote: Rank and Tier are irrelevant up until Cardassian Faction Release at which point this becomes a Tier 5 Retrofit.
Reason: This thing is something that I always thought the Cardassians would build to combat the Klingon Negh'Var and Federation Sovereign. It typically sticks with traditional design (it has the bridge module, it has a pincer like tail, along with the wide wingspan and elements of both the Galor and Keldon. As with the Romulan suggestions, this would add to the Cardassian Fleet whilst at the same time, being a force not to be reckoned with.

#3 Romulan Shrike Class Escort (based upon the Star Trek: Armada design)

Vessel Type: Destroyer Escort
Hull Strength: 31000
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Weapon Slots: x4 Fore, x3 Aft
Crew Count: 75
Console Layout: x3 Engineering, x4 Tactical, x2 Science
Device Slots: 2
Turn Rate: 16
Bridge Officers: x1 Commander Tactical, x1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering, x1Lieutenant Tactical, x1 Lieutenant Engineering, x1 Ensign Science
Special: Romulan Spy ~ Temporarily disables multiple enemy systems of selected target in rotation. Lasts 8 Seconds.
Subnote: Rank and Tier are irrelevant up until Romulan Faction Release at which point this becomes a Tier 5 Retrofit.
Reason: It's another one of the Armada Series better designs, and would again add to the Romulan Fleet. It's small, quick and would easily be the Romulan equivilant of the Federation Sabre and Defiant, or Klingon Birds of Prey. Again, it looks like a 24th/25th century design too.
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# 5
01-01-2013, 10:16 AM
Name: Antares Carrier Refit (canon)
Class: Flight Deck Cruiser
Hull: 43,000
Shield Modifier: 1.0
Weapons: 4 Fore 4 Aft
Crew: 3200
Bridge Officers: Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Science, Lieutenant Commander Universal, Lieutenant Tactical
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 2 Tactical, 5 Engineering, 3 Science
Turn Rate: 7 or 8
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
Inertia Rating: 35
Sensor Analysis
Hangar Slots: 1
+5 to all power levels

It's hard to tell from the above picture, how it compares in size to a Galaxy class because it appears in the foreground, however I would think to function as a Carrier that it would need to be comparable in size.

It should come with a Bajoran Interceptor Carrier Pet, that uses two phaser beams, instead of a phaser and torpedo like most other Carrier Pets. They should be small, fast, and weak. So there should be a large number of them per wing. This means they would shoot lots of phaser beams, and be very annoying.

Rather than come with a special universal console, it should have its own custom interior. It shouldn't be anything huge like the multi-map Federation interiors, but a single map like the Tholian interior would be fine. A single hallway with rooms off of it would be nice, all done in Bajoran architecture. One room should contain a shrine with a "Traveling Vedek" that gives unique Duty Officer missions. Like reading scriptures or blessing the crew, which would give temporary buffs to different starship systems.

It could be a C-Store Federation Ship (which I would like), or part of a Bajoran Lockbox (which I would like less).

*Oh, and I call it a "Refit" because they were already out of date ships during the Dominion War. However I don't see any reason why they couldn't be Refit to perform to modern Starfleet Standards.

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# 6
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Originally Posted by artan42 View Post
D-5 Battlecruiser
Um... yeah you were supposed to put up stats for these ships... not just list them...
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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# 7
01-01-2013, 04:49 PM
Name: Klingon K'Vort-class Battlecruiser (Hard-canon, see TNG: Redemption, TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise, and DS9: Penumbra (IKS Koraga), to name a few).
Class: Destroyer/Cruiser (Destroyer that, instead of leaning more Tactical, leans somewhat toward Engineering)
Tier: 5 (Unlock at Brigadier General 40)
Hull: 35,000
Shield Modifier: 0.95
Crew: 500
Weapons: 4 Fore, 4 Aft
Bridge Officer Stations: Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Tactical, Lieutenant Tactical,, Lieutenant Science, Ensign Universal.
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 3 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science.
Turn Rate: 12
Inertia Rating: 55 (halfway between the Vor'Cha and Peghqu')
Impulse Modifier: 0.20
+10 Power to Weapons and Shields
Can equip Cannons
Battle Cloak
Console - Universal - Tachyon Infusion Matrix
Cost: 2500 ZEN.

Console ability: The Tachyon Infusion Matrix upgrades your next Torpedo attack. Turns the next torpedo fired into a Tachyon ____ Torpedo (i.e., Tachyon Photon Torpedo, Tachyon Quantum Torpedo), keeping its original properties but causing significant damage to targets' shields on impact. Can be combined with Torpedo: High Yield to fire multiple Tachyon Torpedoes or a Heavy Tachyon Plasma/Tricobalt torpedo; using Torpedo Spread will, upon detonation, create a Tachyon Field in the area (like a Gravity Well). Tachyon Field causes Shield damage over time (DoT damage based on Torpedo: Spread level), with a chance to proc a 5/7/9-second Shield disable (duration depends on Torpedo Spread level) and reveals Cloaked ships in the area (Cloak disable). However, doing either of these will add 15 seconds to the torpedo's cooldown. Shield damage is equal to the amount of hull damage that would be inflicted to the target if their shield facing were down on impact. This console can be equipped on any ship. Tachyon Torpedoes CANNOT be fired from under the Advanced Battle Cloak on the B'rel Retrofit. Console ability has a 2-minute cooldown. Works with all torpedoes, including Romulan Hyper-Plasma, Omega Plasma, and Hargh'Peng torpedoes (Hargh'Peng DoT will drain shields as well, but plasma torpedo DoTs do not).

Description: First brought into service in the early parts of the 24th Century, the variants of the Klingon Bird-of-Prey have been a mainstay of the Klingon Defense Force, as well as an icon of Klingon power. The K'vort-class design is a standard-shape B'rel Bird-of-Prey, but is four times the size. Originally designed to be used for raiding, the K'vort was a more maneuverable battlecruiser than the Vor'Cha, and preferred in some situations (despite its lessened durability).

However, the design was aged, and began to be phased out. However, with the escalation of the war with the Federation and the increasing Borg attacks, the Klingon Defense Force has decided to recommission and update the old design, bringing back the most famous Klingon warship in a century. Now fitted with modern technology, this old Grishnar cat has been given back its teeth to bite at the enemies of the Klingon Empire!

This vessel also comes equipped with a special Tachyon Infusion Matrix, allowing it to fire tachyon-infused torpedoes that shred enemies' shields like a normal torpedo would shred hull.

Design thoughts: This is designed to be a more tanky destroyer, something similar to, but far less powerful than, the Peghqu'. The Destroyers we have now seem to more favor their Escort heritage, where this is designed to look up to daddy Cruiser. The K'vort has long been a fan favorite for thegame. This idea is designed to bring it in. The special console is inspired by the scene in Redemption where Gowron comes under attack by a pair of K'Vorts. They used a special blue-lined torpedo that seemed to do a number to shields (it also had some roots in Star Trek: Armada II, where all K'vorts have a power called "Shield-Breaking Torpedo").

Name: Achilles class (Blatantly ripped straight from Memory Beta, and is a non-canon starship).
Type: Battle cruiser (Federation equivalent of Negh'Var).
Faction: Federation
Tier: 5.5 (Vice Admiral 50 only)
Hull: 39,000 (Fleet Variant: 42,900)
Shield Modifier: 1.00 (Fleet Variant: 1.1)
Crew: 1500
Weapons: 3 Fore, 3 Aft (Fleet Variant: 4/4)
Bridge Officer Stations: Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Engineering, Lieutenant Tactical, Lieutenant Science, Ensign Universal. (Fleet Variant: Lieutenant Science becomes Lieutenant Universal
Device Slots: 4
Consoles: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 2 Science. (Fleet variant: 4/4/2)
Turn Rate: 11
Inertia Rating: 30
Impulse Modifier: 0.15
+10 Power to Weapons and Engines
Can equip Cannons
Special Weapon slots - 1 Port, 1 Starboard (Can load any weapons)
Cost: 2500 ZEN (Fleet Variant: 30,000 Fleet Credit, 5 Ship modules (2 if non-Fleet owned).

Description: Designed during the Dominion War as a long-range battle cruiser and employed against ketracel-white storage/manufacture centers, the Achilles class was built to be a rival to the Sovereign. Fitted with the cannons prototyped by the Defiant-class for use against the Borg and with a total firepower to rival the Sovereign-class, the Achilles-class was designed for long-term operation behind Dominion lines (so named because it exploited the Dominion's Achilles heel). This ship has now found new purpose, pitted against the Klingon Empire.

Design thoughts: I tried to convey the design of the Memory Beta article as best I could while retaining a semblance of balance. The special weapons slots are for one thing, and one thing only: Torpedo broadsides (which the article says the ship was kinda designed to do). It's kind of designed to mirror the Negh'Var a touch, but it's more maneuverable (2 degrees better on turn rate and a higher Inertia Rating). I also made sure to include Fleet Variant stats. It MAY be a little strong, I agree, but it's supposed to be. Higher Fleet Module/Fleet Credit cost is intentional, since it technically has ten weapons slots and that might be just a LITTLE broken.

All for NOW, if I think of a couple more cool ones, I'll just edit this post.

Revision 2 (1/5/13, V. 2.00):
  • Added Weapon Slot info (terribly foolish oversight on my part).
  • Added new class. Ship designs used: 2/3.
  • Federation Starship.
  • Added C-Store costs.
Author's thoughts:
Thinking about adding Fleet K'vort (Stats will be deployed how they are for the Achilles). Keep an eye out for that.

Revision 1 (1/3/13, v. 1.01):
  • Added Torpedo: Spread functionality to Tachyon Infusion Matrix - Tachyon Field.
  • Added: Console is ship-class Universal.
  • Specified interaction with Advanced Battle Cloak.
  • Clarified Torpedo: High Yield interaction.
  • Specified console ability cooldown.
  • Specified interactions with special torpedoes.
  • A few small typo fixes.
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Name: Lexx.

Tier: Security Guard 4th class. Aka: Tier 0, just because there is no -1. It's stats do increase as the captain does advance in rank as it is still growing.

Weapons: It can equip none. It does come with the Ocular Parabola. It can destroy everything ninety degrees in front of the ship in a single hit up to the map's border, but it is easily dodged by going up or down. If it does hit a planet Lexx does receive a 'happy' moodlet that does give it boni all across the board for the duration of the battle. It does have a low power mode that does shot faster, is more tri-dimensional, and does not continue until it does hit the end of the map. It does still kill everything it does touch in a single hit. The low power mode does not destroy planets.

Hangar Slots: 2. It can only equip Moths and Brunnen-G fighters (optional C-Store purchase). The fighters do shoot several missile attacks before crashing against the enemy ship's bridge, all the while their pilots do sing Yo Way Yo (which is it actually heard by any player close enough to get their sound effects). The moths do work as a very fast and agile boarding crew. If they do reach an enemy ship a hot Divine Assasin gets on board and they are pretty much done for as these are immune to everything that does counter a normal boarding party. Every now and then a hot Hungry Space Plant does get on board. The result is pretty much the same but the crew dies a happier death.

Hull: The same as a cruiser/carrier of the same tier. It does regenerate constantly, if slowly. If it does collide head on with a ship it will eat it regardless of the victim's allegiance and heal a good deal of damage. Sometimes it does get an indigestion based on what status effect the snack was under, leading to unexpected boni and mali.

Shield Modifier: Uhm... No?

Impulse modifier and inertia rating: The same as an escort/raptor of the same tier.

Doff assignments: While on the Lexx you do get many unique Doff assignments. Some do deal with blowing up out of the way backwater planets in exchange for assorted boni (similar to the current maintenance ones). Some do deal with your hot Divine Assasin or your hot Hungry Space Plant going on a rampage. The assignment chains do deal with your crew trying to get laid and the unexpected and usually lethal complications that do arise from it. At least one assignment in these Chains does deal with destroying a planet.

Console - Universal - Divine Predecessors: An optional C-Store purchase. You did somehow manage to strike a deal with your salty and moldy hostages. They can take control of an enemy ship, making it attack your enemies instead of your allies. In PvP this does work by switching the models of all allied targets to enemy ones and vice-versa, and only allowing it to attack the ones in the opposite side, yet the damage and healing it does inflict does still count towards their score to motivate them to shoot their own side and heal yours. While this is in effect the voices of the divine predecessors singing creepy amusing songs does override the game's music, and the voices of the divine predecessors doing sound effects (boom! Pew pew!) do override the game's own.

Other: Debuffs that do target electronic systems do not really work on it. Neither do Boarding Parties. Hot Hungry Space Plant, remember? It can only equip misfit crew members: C-Store ones, special reward ones, etc. No clear cut characters of either side are allowed on it.

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And now for something completely different...

Name: Imperial Shuttle of Doom (fictional)
Class: Shuttle
Hull: 4,000
Shield Modifier: 0.4
Weapons: 2 Fore
Crew: 3
Bridge Officers: Ensign Tactical, Ensign Engineering
Device Slots: 1
Consoles: 3 Tactical
Turn Rate: 30
Impulse Modifier: 0.3
+10 Weapons Power
Phaser Spinal Lance (unstable)

This heavily modified Type 8 Shuttlecraft has a Phaser Spinal Lance mounted on its roof, and boasts a larger power core and improved tactical systems for functioning in hostile engagements. However keep in mind that this shuttle is a hackjob and is in violation of many Starfleet engineering codes. Firing the Spinal Lance may overload the power core and cause the shuttle to suddenly and violently explode.

Firing the Phaser Spinal Lance has a 20% chance to activate "Abandon Ship" irregardless of the ship's current hull strength.

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