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I've been playing this game since open beta and have had my share of connection issues with the game over the time... usually its for a few days (or a week where a patch caused an issue) - but these holidays have been the absolute worst I've ever experienced in this game and its gotten to the point where the game is unplayable for 75% of the day.

Loading times at ESD, Sol system or any of the major hubs is very long (you appear - then it takes another couple of minutes at least for the UI to load)... constantly being disconnected between map transitions... "server not responding" during PvE missions (STFs, foundry missions - everything) which sometimes result in disconnects...

Previously during PUGs etc. when I've asked around its usually been "just me" with the issue - tho there is nothing (except for physical location (Aus)) that could cause this... but in a PUG just now half the team had rubber-banding and lag that takes all control of your ship away from you (you can hit specials and "fire weapons" as far as the UI is concerned, but all "navigation" keypresses are lagged by (in some cases) many minutes).

With all the players online for the Christmas event etc. I'm now wondering if the issue isnt network related but more server related (as one of the players with the issue was in the US and stated to me that he had issues after 5pm there each day)...

Why am I posting this???
1. If you see someone in an STF (etc.) flying in the wrong direction... it might be because of this... (I know I say something in the match if it happens so the others know I'm not playing around... but others might not from frustration alone!!!)

2. To see how many others are getting this so we can get this addressed as this has been an issue when the server population is "up there" and in the past Cryptic have had to increase server capacity.

Please note: I know I don't bother playing team missions after this has happened as it stuffs everything up for everything else and I try to do other things in-game - so its not like I can't do anything... I just can't do "the grind" which is required at end-game.

My concern is that with the next few months being filled with little events all the way through, that this issue will go on and on without being looked at. I've already put in about 5 tickets about this and the only 100% playable day so far has been new years day when the server population was low. And while I know that many of you are having no issues at all, I can't be the only one having an issue as I've had my connection tested and it checks out AOK.

<Sorry for the long post folks but after 3 weeks of this I've just had enough of quietly putting in tickets hoping that it will be addressed or that I would get a response from Cryptic stating that the servers check out OK (or whatever).>

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