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# 1 Animation Errors
01-01-2013, 10:52 PM
Some of the animations in the Foundry have been changed and now do not function correctly.

Talk - Gesturing: This animation no longer gestures. The NPC stands there with mouth moving but no gesturing whatsoever. The gesture animation is sorely needed as it is a "mood" we can't otherwise capture.

Talk - Gloating: The NPC doing this animation spasms between the gloating animation and short portions of other talk animations (it appears to be Talk - Gesturing-- the old one, before it was broken). The transition between the animations is not smooth and looks bad, especially if there are multiple NPCs using the same animation. Unfortunately, this is another "mood" we can't capture without this animation.

Type Ground Console: This used to perform a continuous typing animation. Now it is a clone of Type and View - Leaning, which is a poor substitute. Sometimes you want a player to access a console via typing, and the T&V-L animation will randomly start in the viewing stage, resulting in no typing. It would be nice to have the original animation put back. We can use Type Keypad - Leaning, but the motion of this is not as smooth.

Type Quickly - Leaning: Same issue as Type Ground Console, now is just a clone of T&V-L, which is often not a good substitute. The animations exist, since they were once in the Foundry, so how about bringing them back?

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