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Hallo and happy new year for all...
I have a suggestions to add in foundry story mode "complete One of" and complete "or".
I mean, we have now "Complete All" when you must complete all tasks...
1) Complete one of - i mean here that you can give 2+ tasks but completed must be just one, it will be good to create puzzle missions better, like you can give 3 tasks, but just one of them must be completed to continue the mission (like, you must go in 3 places, in 2 are enemies or something like and third one is right way and when player go to right one from starting the task he mustn't go to the other)...
2) Complete Or - I mean when you give 2+ tasks, but it's enough to complete just one to continue, it will be good i think for creating "Alter Ending", which will make mission more interesting, like you can chose how you want to end the mission, but all of them are successful. (we can do it in dialogs but not in story line, like you can chose go kill someone or let him stay alive or try get password or by logic get it sooner or something like that and all of your chose will be good or better)
In map creation mode:
3) I have suggestion about the dead zones - I mean (like in asteroid mine mission if you take off suit you're dieing), but not for all map (for all too) , I mean just for zone like - there is gas cloud and when player enter it without suit he will die...
4) And fourth suggestion is about lightning, when you creating map you can turn all lights off on the map like in "What Lies Beneath" and in "Starbase Incursion" missions.
And one more, it's more like fix then suggestion please add to "Legacy Contact" states "Objective Copleted" mode, now is just "This Objective completed"...
Tnx in advance, this is just suggestion and hope you will like it, I think this changes can make foundry system much better, when people can show their creativity and I belive some of foundry mission will become epic whis this changes.

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