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01-02-2013, 09:43 AM
Originally Posted by fourxgamer View Post
I agree that better players are gonna shine wherever you put them, and that's not a problem. I remember the days of leveling up my Klingon through PvP and those were good times that I miss. I don't mind getting beat by people with the same tool box of gear/ships/doffs. I have no excuse if they beat me and would be inspired to work harder. When I know I will never have the same gear as you, that's not inspiring.
When gear I could buy from the PvP store went away and people were wearing things from STF's and then later using gear from the zen stores, I stopped joining queues.

The incentive for better players not to hang around in vanilla matches with low level gear is that their personal PvP score would not progress past 25 there. Eventually one's ego would drive a person to go do some elite matches and progress/maintain their high scores. If you're willing to make yourself more beatable with lower level gear and just want a clean match, you're welcome to do the normal vanilla stuff for fun also.
You seem to have missed my point. I could care less about rankings. I'd much rather have all commons and avoid the crappy unbalanced 1/2 the time broken power creep gear.

I don't like that I needed to stop flying raiders and use KDF Fleet/Vet ships to be in the same ballpark as all the lotto-fleet-zen crap that's come out the last year. I don't like that I have AMS in my inventory to respond in kind fashion should I get hit w/it or other annoying console crap. I don't like the degree of power coming out of the reputation system including the 3% critH. I don't like how some Doffs (Techs) can make 1/2 dozen others basically redundant lesser choices. Do you get my point now or should I go on?

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