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01-02-2013, 12:07 PM
I drifted over to playing a Guramba, but when I used the bortasqu' command ship I basically had a STF weapon set (cannons, autocannon) and a PvP set (beam arrays).

In STF, it's not that hard to have one or two mobility abilities (evasive maneuvers + APO + the emergency power to ... SIF? I forget) for the occasional need to get on point. Otherwise you just park the thing near the cubes and have at it.

In PvP, I'd really treat it like a Federation cruiser... except one with actual teeth. 4 tac consoles + sensor analysis + 2 sci slots for shield boost (or other stuff, if you prefer to rely on hulls more) is potent. Put a tac officer in the universal slot, and you have a lot of really good tactical abilities.

However, what really makes me wonder is the Breen ship -- it's a battlecruiser with 4 tac slots, an even better tac seat, and HUGELY more mobile. Yeah, the bortasqu' has 20% more hull and sensor analysis, but... I really don't think it's worth it anymore.

So, to recap, I think the Bortasqu' compares favorably with vor'cha and k'tinga, if you can tolerate cruiser style maneuvering, but Cryptic came by and capped Bortasqu' in the skull with the Breen free ship. :/

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