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12-31-2012, 02:13 AM
Had a bad ISE with a good ending.

Got my Chel Grett for my engi yesterday. It was rather late but I wanted to test it. (4 DHC, 3Turrets, 1Cutting Beam).

So I enter an ISE with a failed optional, only three other players and spheres everywhere, swarming the left transformator. No one was answering my friendly "Hello". Oh my

Started to kill the spheres. Our two tacs in the beam cruisers where dying left and right. The SCI in the atrox was doing a good job.

We finally managed to kill the spheres and proceeded to destroy the transformator. Even with the low DPS output we managed to destroy it. The SCI with GW and TBR was a great help.

We flew over to the right side. I asked for 10% rule. No answer. Ok
The borg cube was rather fast down. We were still only 4 players.
I started to shoot on a gen. When mine was at 40% I looked around ... one was at 100%, the other at 60% (yeah tacs in cruisers) and the third just exploded Yep our tac bombed the gen where the atrox was shooting at

Now the sci managed the nanites with a GW and I started shooting at the transformator... our tacs instead started chasing spheres -.-

There I started flying away and chatting with my fleetmates. Watched from far away how the cruisers where dying and dying and dying No talk on the zone or teamchat.

10 minutes later, the spheres were nearly all down. I flew back, helped with the last one and started shooting at the trans with the others ... it got healed back by a nanite sphere.

So I flew away, watched againg the dying tacs trying to handle the spheres. Lurked the chat in several channels. After 5 minutes I flew back, helped with the spheres and we finally managed to kill the transformator.

5min later, the gate and the cube were down. I got my loot and new players on my ignore list ;-)
I was probably an ******* not helping the others with the spheres. But I really thought we would never be able to kill them fast enough that we could start shooting at the transformator. Tricobalts for the win :-P

The new breen ship is good enough for ESTF's. It is a real jack of all trades, master of none. Perhaps the perfect ship for ESTF in a pug group :-)
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01-02-2013, 03:24 AM
Not really a worst STF experience, but certainly a bad one - and all because of one person.

Played ISE earlier - it actually went fairly well - but there was one player present, flying the new Breen ship, who really had NO idea of what being in a team means.

He really wasn't very good, but was clearly one of those people - the arrogant sort - who think that everyone else should show their appreciation for his mere presence.

He got off to a 'good' start, almost getting killed by one of the spheres that appear with the very first cube at the start of the mission. He didn't like that very much and "do you want the USS Whatever* to blow?". No-one replied, and I ignored that comment too, hoping it was a one-off.

A little later, subsequent to us killing the generator Mr Hero flies right at the spawn of spheres and gets himself killed. "If this happens again I'm leaving" appears in the chat window. I reply "please do - we don't need people who think they're better than everyone else anyway".

Anyway, cut a long story short, the USS Whatever spent the remainder of the mission exploding frequently, and we were treated to gems like "the tactical cube is hacked" and "you are lucky I'm staying" .

The idiot had, obviously, put me on ignore subsequent to my earlier comment - but I would have sincerely loved to have pointed out that for all the times the USS Whatever went boom, my little [fleet] Rhode Island only went boom once - and that was due to my having upset the second spawn of spheres by throwing GWIII at them as soon as they appeared - didn't quite manage to get out of range in time.

* obviously not his ships name, but substituted to avoid naming names.
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Nova/Rhode Island class with Hybrid Pilot BOFF seat.

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01-02-2013, 03:59 AM
Had a couple of bad ones recently in ISE.

One person decided to blow the generators before even attacking the cube.

then today, a couple of people decided to head right straight away. while we destroyed the left hand side and took out all the spheres they had managed to die a lot of take the cube down to 20%.

the other thing that generally annoys me is when we do the 10% and then people start attacking the normal spheres that warp in above it, instead of attacking the transformer and getting it to 0 as quick as. it just never makes any sense.

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01-02-2013, 05:16 AM
I just had my two worst back-to-back.

Khitomer Vortex - Everything was on track, except the guy on left probes was struggling... I was on right probes, because... well no one else went there even though it is a waste of my dps. I was taking care of my probes, then running across to help with the other side's - and back. A lot of leg work. Near the end, I was headed right to help, when a guy who had been getting killed by cubes runs up and uses his repulsor to push 4 probes - from behind, 6k... right into the gate. *sigh*

The Cure - Two of us run to bottom to get the BOPs and start on probes - no communications was happening, but I made the mistake of thinking the other 3 players would go left/right... nope. They are all sitting at the spawn point. By the time I noticed, Kang is already at 66% hull. Needless to say I gave a 1/2 effort hoping it would outright fail quickly.
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01-02-2013, 05:36 AM
Always one, ALWAYS THAT ONE.............who sod's off and attacks the second Nano Generator at the starbase...............

Then warps out.
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01-02-2013, 11:28 AM
Every Cure Space Elite....EVERY Cure Space Elite....

And I myself don't even know what the problem is. On one hand I'm inclined to believe that there comes a point where its too much (and that point is when you, at full health, are 1 shot with a plasma torpedo with full shields and each shot against you deals 1500 damage - from RAPTORS) on the other hand, Every time I die in Cure Space and get all built up about it, I think to myself "What am I doing? Why do I expect to hold out against these odds?"

The hardest part about it is I fly a cruiser, and when I can't do the one thing I'm supposed to be good at (TANK) well....y'know, if I'm gonna die anyway what's the point of not flying an escort? I feel useless...
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01-02-2013, 11:34 AM
That saddens me since CS is my favourite STF.
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01-02-2013, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by Archived Post View Post
Every time he hit his Scatter Volley looked like a Pack of Skittles exploded

I found myself in a Vesta in the Cure a while back taking out both the nodes and the outgoing ships because nobody, and I mean NOBODY would even acknowledge a hail. They were clustered together the whole time and yes plenty of captain planet colours being fired by some of the ships.

The worst in my opinion though is ppl bailing mid-game during the the attack on the Borg Queen. So much time wasted.... sigh.
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01-02-2013, 11:53 AM
Oh oh oh my turn. Worst match ever all 4 other ships where in marandas and there names where U.S.S. troll. Ignored and reported all of them
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01-02-2013, 12:51 PM
Just gonna put this out there: The majority of your woes could be avoided by not pugging XD.

Anyways, here's a gem.

Was called into an IGE yesterday afternoon in one of the Elite STF channels (as per forum rules, not going to name which channel). I was thinking "Oh, it's guys from here, should be ok." Uh huh. XD. They needed a few more, so brought two of my friends with me.

We started out very well, I dropped mortars outside the starting force field, and the drones and my mortars got aggro'd. My EE procced, so I had 3 quantum mortars, which cleared out the first spawn literally in seconds. We drop the force field and we go, taking out that first hallway in about 5 seconds flat. I drop my next set of mortars and we begin the "snipe from hallway". One of my friends is half-trolling, so about 30 seconds after we start this and the borg are in full aggro, he runs in and rescues the survivor. Now this would have been bad if he had failed, but as is, he succeeded.

So we kept on going, got the first 3 survivors, no problem. Then we got to room 4, where there are 3 heavy tacs, 6 regular tacs, and that little doohicky thinkgymajig on the ground... um... node thingamawhatsit. Anyways, all of a sudden, out of the blue, one of the guys just runs in. He just runs in. Every drone is still alive, NONE of them are aggro'd. He just. Runs. In. Of course he is summarily terminated by the army of Borg, who then all begin to head towards the 4 of us sitting there in astonishment in the previous room. Sufficed to say, my two friends went down almost instantly, and I barely got away, courtesy of phaser turrets, my dedicated seeker drone, and a well WELL timed cover shield. Myself and the other survivor finished off the drones while my friends were asking this guy what he was on. And his reply "Oh, they were already assimilating him..." Which I know they weren't, since I was watching all the trigger lines, and HE WAS THE ONLY ONE TO EVER PASS THEM. -.-

Sufficed to say, we got to Becca pretty easily after that, since there were no survivors to rescue. And then in the room of plasma... well it was your typical horror story of IGE, idiots no targeting the same tac drone, idiot kirking it and trying to take on an entire platform by himself without a pulsewave (major fail there). And once we FINALLY got all the forcefields down at the same time, kirk was already dead, the other person from the channel was killed at the start, so my friends and I just slaughtered becca. 3 man kill on Becca. That and the actually decent drop was what made it somewhat worth it.

Buuuut yeah. Not pugging avoids most of this hell, but as I was reminded, sometimes even the non-pugs have that crouching stupid hidden moron in there.
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