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01-02-2013, 01:04 PM
I've posted my ship specs in other threads. If people want to use the Gateway to find it out, hey, that just means I don't have to post specs, I can just link.

Also, if someone is using either their character name or their ship name as a password, they need to stop. That's just asking for trouble.
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01-02-2013, 01:04 PM
I would have to agree that an option to limit/block access to our data should be priority no.1 for that gateway. Also I'm a bit surprised that this is not already in place.


Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Yes some people DO use words with special meaning as passwords and ship names (example a friend of mine uses the city of his birth as both a ship name AND his account password and yes he is an idiot (if you are reading this Steve EVERYONE knows your passwords))

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01-02-2013, 01:13 PM
All I see when I login is the characters I've copied to tribble. Why the fuss? Delete your tribble chars if you're worried.
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01-02-2013, 01:32 PM
As cdrgadley pointed out:
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
This is already possible You can change the URL to view a different character@handle. We will also be providing players an option in the near future to disable others from viewing their characters if they wish (sensitive data, like EC and Dilithium totals, can not be seen by anyone other than yourself), as well as adding ways to look up your friends and fleet mates without having to edit the URL.
@Sollvax: if your friends are using their passwords or personal information (names of family, birth years, etc.) as names for their captains, ships, BOFFs, etc., let them know they should change it. Someone doesn't need the Gateway to see these names in-game while your friend is playing and flying/ running around.

Feel free to continue discussion and providing feedback about the gateway here: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=442721


Brandon =/\=

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