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I actually found New Romulus pretty impressive and different. However, the great thing is that players who don't really like it or prefer to spend more time in space don't have to go there to earn Romulan marks. Still, one can't say S7 didn't come with a lot of new content. Lots of new gear, a new sector space block, New Romulus, new ships, etc.

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New Romulus is far from a grind or boring. You want that pls visit Defera Inv Zone. If you're lacking in skills or gear a cpl of months and you'll get the drops you need to do most things solo or maybe visit your Fleet Store?

Now, let's compare that to Space where you get space gear and maybe a box of bonus OMEGA Marks. Also half the Missions on Defera were broken until the last patch so, it was really a major grind! But..I did it and now I can solo the Temple. I still find the Elite Tac Drones to be a challenge but, need to upgrade my weapon.

If you feel obligated to do it, there's an entire sector of space to do space missions.

The attitude and disrespect of new players is why I won't do any Space STF's. I've even come across this on the ground..you have to do this..this way. Well, it said to go do this and maybe you played the game longer and know the 'etiquette' but, let the noobs learn for themselves. Help them out maybe?

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