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# 1 Another buff/nerf thread
01-02-2013, 06:58 PM
These are just suggestions for balance changes. There may not be much of a dev response to this, but I thought I'd throw a bunch of ideas at you guys for the sake of discussion. Feel free to disagree with any or all of them.

There might be some hidden personal bias to this, but I'm more interested in general gameplay than catering to my own playstyles. For reference, I play a tac BoP, sci/sci, eng healing cruiser, and tac MVAM escort. Also keep in mind the effect that balance changes might have on PvE carebear rage, so let's not go nuts here.

In no particular order, and by no means a comphrehensive list:

1) Cannon damage: A lot of people are complaining about escorts doing too much damage, and lately I've been inclined to agree with them. Although escort damage isn't necessarily the problem, it might be easier to adjust sustained cannon damage to account for escorts' new-found survivability rather than nerfing escort tanking abilities due to the learning curve for inexperienced players.

I've been thinking that it might be time to remove the inherent crit severity bonus from dual heavy cannons. DHCs would still be superior in PvP due to their ability to burst through shields, but it would give people a more equal choice between dual heavies and regular dual cannons. For that matter, torpedos could be slightly buffed (maybe with increased crit chance) to give a more viable alternative to 4x DHC builds.

2) Gravity well: Although it can be effective when combined with other holds, the pull on gravity well seems a bit lacking in that it can be easily escaped without using any special powers (e.g. AP Omega). Hopefully people have some informed ideas as to how much the pull should be increased, because from what I hear it has a touchy mechanic.

3) Extend shields: I personally love this power but it gives too much resistance. When coupled with other heals/resists it can make a ship nearly invincible. This is especially true with multiple extend teams. Ideally it would give more of a penalty to the caster than simply putting RSP on global cooldown. If at all possible, extend should share shield damage between casters and their extend target, though an easier fix might be to reduce the resistance it gives by 25-50%.

4) Mask energy signature: Let's face it - barely anyone uses this so it needs a noticeable buff. Would it be acceptable to make it usable in combat like battle cloak? It wouldn't necessarily help people escape, but it could still give the 5 second defense bonus when used under fire in exchange for a slight drop in power. It might even be prudent to give it the ability to break target lock like the KHG shield placate, except it wouldn't be usable when tractored as with regular battle cloak.

5) Cloak speed bonus: Cloak is awesome, but I've never understood why it gives a speed bonus. The surprise damage bonus when decloaking and the defense bonus when cloaked make sense, but if anything shouldn't cloak decrease and/or limit flight speed?

6) Tier 4 Romulan rep torpedo: Yeah this is a cool weapon but the plasma proc stacks too much. I'm not completely familar with its mechanics, but from what I hear it has an insanely high proc chance - not to mention the large quantity of torpedoes one can launch with torp spread to further increase the proc chance.

7) Eng power consoles: This was mentioned in another thread, but currently they're not worth running because the power bonus is negligible and not a viable alternative to resistance consoles.

8) Viral Matrix: Another great skill, but it's too effective when spec'd into subspace decompiler and enhanced by doffs. Generally it just lasts too long, but making it more effectively cleared by engineering team could help with the problem.

9. Tac consoles: A controversial subject, but it seems silly that damage consoles are the only ones not subject to diminishing returns. I've especially noticed the emphasis on DPS in PvE instances to the point where there's not much incentive to run anything but a tac escort.

I've been told that diminishing returns on tac consoles would hurt 5-slot fleet ships to the point where the fifth console would be useless, but there should also be some incentive to run mixed tac consoles (e.g. energy damage and torpedo damage together).

10. Nerf mentions in other threads: Tric mine damage (duh), T4 Romulan placate frequency, AMS duration, lackluster secondary buffs on emergency power to aux/engines/weapons, various ship gimmicks (too many to list), and everyone's favorite love/hate relationship - tactical team

That's enough discussion points for now. This was just off the top of my head, so feel free to add anything I may have missed. Engage!

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