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# 1 Which ship to get rid of???
01-03-2013, 09:38 AM
I'm about to get my breen cruiser as soon as the game is up and running, but have no more ship slots. I'm somewhat of a sentimental soul, and so have still got all my previous ships, plus the Chimera, plus the 2 ships I got with EC's to get the tachyon inversion and hyperdrive cooldown consoles before they went in to the c-store as it was back then. Are either of those of any use or should I just chuck them? Think one's a nebula and I cant remember the other one.

I've heard rumblings of your old ships coming back to support you in a future mission, or is that a pipe-dream? If that is coming, I'll need to get rid of my little start-up ship.

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