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I would like to point out some issues that i have noticed on my 4 toons that i think need to be addressed before any new updates or new Rep systems or anything else.....

(dont add new content if the existing content does not work the way it should...)

issue #1
when a death happens and you re spawn with a target selected and you boost without noticing that you have a target on and your ship fly's at full impulse at that target even though you may not want to fly at that target from that direction.... and guess what your dead because you cant turn left, right, up or down....

issue #2
when doing a mission like the gorn mine field or, kdf scout force, or any of the available missions that can be done every 20 hrs you finish the mission and 20 hrs later you can watch the timer go away and well guess what it is removed from your available missions for an up word of 14 days....

issue #3
when loading into ESD or the fleet star base and you load 1/2 in a wall or 1/2 way in the floor and you cant move because you are "stuck" and guess what the /stuck in chat switch does not work.... now you have to beam out and back in and some people this can take an up word of 20 min to do so....

issue #4
when doing STF's and you get low on HP and you are now about 14k away from the target now you go BOOM.. there was visually no torps on you nor nothing in range to shoot you.... after looking at your combat log it turns out you had an invisible torpedo kill you....

please people add your issues or elaborate on mine.... i think that these issues should be fixed ASAP as things should work as intended before adding new things that can cause more issues....

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