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01-03-2013, 01:32 PM
Out of my 6 level 50 characters, I have one that is Tier 1 Rep with the Romulan and Omega. That is where i stopped enjoying the timegate they created.

Luckily, with the old loot system, I was able to aquire all the borg and Maco MK XII stuff because I put my time into the STF grind and I was awared for it. I did not have to pay DIL or XP or hypos lol. I took my salvage, and went to the vendor when i was lucky enough to get the drop.

As for the Adapted MACO, it is just the klingon honor guard set with a different thanks, they can keep it.

A good idea and a fair solution for everyone would have been to take these new Omega Marks and create a vendor that would accept those in return for gear...not this rep system/dil/time sink garbage. Get so many marks, turn them in for a piece of gear that you earned with your time.

And finally, for the Romulan space set I hear about...Its an exact copy of the Reman set, with a different color on your hull and same set powers. Wow PWE, nice one!

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