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01-03-2013, 03:08 PM
Originally Posted by ranamullenyx View Post
And this thread was made by developer STO or player rent by STO or a man who does not work and the whole day playing games - STO. And who said how much players must be active per fleet? (Btw, this sentence revealed you from STO collaboration) And one more thing: many players - people after reaching lvl 50 dont log-in to the STO. This is big problem. Because there is no one thing does (that) hold them.

OOoooh man you made my day. Thank you very much for the great laugh I got from your post. First off, I didn't make the thread, I made that post. Error #1. Secondly, I don't have the pleasure of working for cryptic, and I have more self-respect than to work for PWE. I have a few dozen people that can tell you that's the case, and most (if not ALL) of the dev team will tell you they don't even know me.

And as for your "btw, this sentence revealed you from STO collaboration" bit? LOL. It is a well known fact that they designed the Starbase system around a 25+ player fleet. It has been said in Dev blogs, podcasts, ask cryptics, and a number of youtube vids showing interviews. So... no. Sorry to say that most of your post, albeit amusing, is moot. And if your fleet cannot be bothered to log on to donate even a measly 500 dil per player per day (um... yeah... lore mission in the academy? easy 480? plus a quick empire defense on the KDF side, and a sh'mar on the fed side, and BANG, you have your 500 dil. NOT HARD PEOPLE) then that's not my problem.

Peace my amusingly ignorant friend.
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