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01-04-2013, 06:18 AM
I have one of these on a tac captain actually, one comment I would like to make is that the 3 piece borg set + 2xtactical team are very effective at keeping this vessel ship shape, having the engineering abilities should make it very robust.

For the dps department, I guess im rather vanilla. Front I have 1 quantum launcher and 3DHC's . For the rear, 3 turrets. doesn't matter what is in front of you, scatter volley RIPS it to pieces. Been very happy with the ship, and now im kinda curious to roll another engineer and try it out myself

On this particular character I didn't have a chance to get all the maco stuff before it all got locked behind a fence that is the rep system, but I did get the borg components. I figured these would tide me over until I got my Adapted Maco or something, But I am finding the borg equipment quite survivable, it works surprisingly well. I know they don't have the best chance of proccing, but I see the hull and shield regen procs hit often enough to be quite noticable.

As a side note, my wife saw how well this ship was working for me and also bought it. She has the ultra rare scorpion fighters slotted and they pack quite a punch
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01-04-2013, 06:39 AM
I run this ship as my main, I have never seen another escort capable of absorbing as much damage, but it puts out a ton of it itself. You could make it tankier, don't think you need to

Front weapons DHC x 3, Omega torpedo
Rear weapons Turret x 2, Cutting beam
Equipment Borg set
Devices Deuterium, Shield Battery
Tac consoles - Energy x 4
Eng consoles - Assimilated, Photon defense, iso-charge
Sci consoles - Field gen x 2

Consoles - I will sometimes swap out the iso-charge for a point defense, rcs, armour or theta radiation

Tac Boff - TT1 x 2, TS1, CSV1, APB1, TS3, CSV3

Eng Boff, EPtS1, RSP1, EPtS3

Sci Boff. PH1, HE2

Hanger - Favouring elite scorpion fighters right now for the quick burst damage, see below

Doffs - Damage control x 2, Flight deck w/ defense boost x 3

This ship is an AoE beast with extremely high defense and tanking ability, but lacks in active heals. Its biggest weakness is against plasma fires in elite STFs or the nasty one hits that gates/queen throw out. A second copy of hazard emitters would help but leave you open to tractors.

You fly with your fighters in recall mode, which gives you a very high defense, your EPtS3 will have a high up time and will shrug off most attacks along with the high regen and procs of the borg set. If you aren't under immediate threat send those romulan fighters out to attack, their burst damage is pretty crazy.

Tanking a tactical cube is trivial, you can survive against the gates for a long time as well, but when they critical hit you are dead. Nothing survives the queen's torpedo attacks. I play as a tactical captain, an eng could survive those bad criticals or plasma fires much better.

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