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Originally Posted by robeasom View Post
While I am happy that the MX XII armour is now easier to get I am not happy that you have to pay for a reward you have unlocked and the amount of grind you have to do. I understand grinding is part of the MMO but grinding for the following
Romulan marks
Omega marks
Fleet marks
Seem to be to much grinding for a game with so little story content and a unfinished faction
Wow, we think alike because this was almost my post (pretty much) on another thread. Therefore...
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Like many, I was torn between the old STF system and the new Rep system. I liked the truer 'end-game' feel of the old system, but disliked the chance variable for the variables (and I have to admit, I was one of the unlucky few that did over 100 elites in a char on the old system and never got the lucky drops). The newer system makes it easier yes, but in doing so, dilutes the content in general. Specifically since it promotes afk'rs in Elites, or simply those players looking to grind a few BNP's and Omega Marks, and don't care about learning the mission itself or working with the other squaddies. In the end, you have clowns walking around in the end-game costumes who not only didn't truly earn it, they don't deserve it. Yes, this happened in the old system as well, but nowhere near to the degree it is now.

With that said, I understand the Rep system, and the potential it offers for future game growth, and I love it. It will make it so much easier to add to existing Rep chains, let alone add new ones down the road. Yes, it's a Dilithium sink hole...we get it. Yes, the Devs have made some changes to lighten the load in that respect, and I thank them. I like the new STF's...they're actually just as easy as the others once you figure out a good strategy.

And here are my remaining concerns from Season 7:

- DOFF Grinding costs, and the General Recruitment pack prices. This seems to be the biggest Dil concern for most people still. Those prices are way over the top, and I don't understand why they had to increase to begin with.

- Content. I do miss the weekly excitement of a new Episode coming out. Are those days over now? Are Devs simply going to be producing some Rep Tier mini-missions now? Is that the easy way out...just making ONE episode and chopping it into 5 pieces to stretch it out? Trek is story driven, the game should be too.

- Game stability issues. The game may look prettier for most people as of Season 7, but it's also a lot less stable. Players are constantly getting game-client crashes when loading into certain maps (My game crashes 75% of the time I beam down to New Rom now, other people have similar problems). Rubber-banding, lag, missing graphics, broken UI, PvP/Private match challenges still buggy, etc...all problems that have become more widespread as of Season 7.

- I'm not sure how to word this properly, but in a nutshell, the game is feeling less 'Treky' every day. A lot of the newer devices/consoles/gimmicks seem to be some futuristic version of something from a D&D game. And some of the newer ships seem to be just unimaginative hybrids of existing ships/classes. When we DO see something truly creative, it's usually watered down by either a blatant cash-grab or off-story grind.

The rest are simply nags that we have to learn to live with.

But those are my (and fleet-mates) opinions, and I felt the need to get them off my chest. Ignore the babbling (as the devs tend to do).
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Originally Posted by bortjinx View Post
Hi Roach... When you finish a tier, you need to do a tier upgrade special project, and the reward for that is you get to pick your passive.
Thanks. Is this accomplished by clicking the big lettered UPGRADE under the description?

If so, It is not working for me.
SO that makes me wonder if something else is left undone somewhere else?
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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Thanks. Is this accomplished by clicking the big lettered UPGRADE under the description?

If so, It is not working for me.
SO that makes me wonder if something else is left undone somewhere else?
post some screenshots so we can tell whats going on?
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01-04-2013, 07:16 AM
Rep system still makes me turn around and go do something else every time I consider actually beaming down to New Romulus. Just not worth the crazy inputs, especially with plain-ol-MMO-standard flower-picking and rat-smiting (at endgame no less!?).
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Sarcastic Venom Award!!!!
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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
I've got one more race to run to get the Breen ship for my last alt then I'll be taking a break from STO until the 3 year anniversary.
Bold is mine. This reads like a burned out player after spending marathon sessions to get stuff for all the characters on an account.

If anything you should revel in the status of the accomplishment
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01-04-2013, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
Bold is mine. This reads like a burned out player after spending marathon sessions to get stuff for all the characters on an account.
Hmm... I can see how you might think that, but no - compared with others I'm a rank amateur - I only have three characters (1 x Fed, 2 x KDF) and they're all reached Tier 5 in the Rep system and my KDF Sci gets her Breen ship tomorrow.

Whilst I admit, I burned through the Rep system pretty quickly (and suffered the Patrol missions in Tau Dewa on a daily basis), the reasoning was pretty simple - all my characters have had so little new to do for so long now that the Rep system finally offered a few new shinies worth investing some time in.

I could've stretched it out and taken my time with it but honestly, all I would've been doing in the interim is playing the same old STFs with the same old ships and gear.

Now I've got the Adapted ground + space sets (mainly for the armor visuals although I do actually use the Adapted KHG on my Sci's Peghqu') as well as the Omega Torp and Kinetic Cutting Beam, some new Romulan [Acc]x2 DHCs and Turrets for my Kar'fi and the Hyper-Plasma torpedo launcher.

I've also bought some of the Borg prosthetic stuff for my Boffs (since I couldn't be bother to aquire it from Defera *shudder*) a Romulan rifle and a few other bits and pieces. The thing is, even with all these new(ish) toys, I'm still stuck playing the same STFs (much though I've enjoyed them in Seasons 6 and 7).

So really, there's nothing left for me to do now - I could grind yet more Dilithium for yet more weapons for yet another ship (Chel Grett) but without any engaging new content to use all this stuff in, it all seems a bit pointless.

I guess if the Reputation system actually equipped you for future challenges (STFs/missions/whatever) that were unlocked along the way then there'd feel like there's a point to it - but by the time you unlock the Mk XII gear you've already played the sparse new content through so many times that it all seems rather pointless.
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I'm glad you did not take offense as that was not my intention. I am glad you defined your experience further because I am only halfway through the game on my first toon and thinking about "what it'll be like".

Having said that, could it be that part of the 'complaints" about Season 7 comes from players who have "been there and done that" then? What I mean, is that, for some players, Season 7 was a way to do something different despite it being new. But, these posts highlight that, given dedicated time, Season 7 will last about ... 3 months at most?

So, if a player has - literally - seen the galaxy and have the best gear the game can offer ... then they can truly retire (without wanting to)?
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Originally Posted by avarseir View Post
So, I'm sure many of us have hit T5 rep in either Rom/Omega by now (I hit T5 for both factions yesterday), coincidentally the complaints about S7 on forums have significantly died down.. what happened guys?? Keep em coming!!

But honestly, I'm kinda liking the way things are now as compared to the old system. With Cryptic returning the dils for STFs and actually allowing BNPs/Marks to drop more randomly from STF loot has pretty much made it better.

Now, I had a shot at the Reman/Romulan set too. I hated the vault and hated that it was the only way to earn datalogs.

Dils is still a problem tho.. but its a minor problem with plethora of ways of earning it, the issue is just the time taken to earn it.

I do hate seeing so many in Elite Omega/Maco though, it used to be "exclusive" and "elitist" gear, now its everywhere. But that is a selfish view and definitely not good for the game's greater community.

So.. anyone else still not happy with the way things are now? I'm happy and giving Cryptic thumbs up!
Short answer...complaints died down beacuse most folks just gave up on it and left the game altogether.

This happens everytime when a new major "season" revision takes place. However, S7 was more of an outcry than previous "fixes" from other can also see the ZEN prices going way down since not many are playing and hording up dil for rep, starbase, embassy projects. After Q's exit in a couple of weeks there will be a notable visility of something similar like a "deserted" town...all it's left for Cryptic to entice "new" players since the old base is dwindlig. It happens more often than not and hopefully new players would offset those who leave...sad but true reality

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