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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
I'm thinking about writing a bio for my Lib Borg Human to state that he's not actually a human but an assimilated T-888.
Sounds interesting, can't wait to read it
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does anyone know when Cryptic plans to expand the character biography? I find it a shame how i came up with a great bio for my Vulcan science Officer only to be cut off by typing the last letter.
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My bio can be found here:

Of course, is it still a work in progress.

I successfully completed a 2-man CSE, ISE, and KASE.
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Kraven Moorhead Born stardate 54775.4 Febuary,12,2378 Kraven was born to Todd(Livin) and Jo-anne Moorehead former starfleet officers who joined the maquis to help rescue family members from there colony VolanIII which was handed over to the Cardassians in the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370. In 2380 after the successful rescue of 420 colonists from the Volan system LtCmdr.Todd moorehead is reinstated to starfleet and assigned to the U.S.S. Titan under the command of Captain William T Riker.

A rambunctious and mischievous young man growing up on a starship kraven often found him self in the security chiefs office. After seeing the the young mans name on report after report Captain Riker took an interest in kraven much due to the fact of how the the young trouble maker reminded him of a younger version of himself and took kraven under his wing. No stranger to having children on the bridge Riker offers kraven a position of acting ensign and starts kraven on Active academy training.

Stardate 76958.2 U.S.S. Ridgid/Gamma Quadrant Lt.Kraven Officer of the zulu watch responds to a distress call from an unknown vessel. The Draenei a race of humanoids very similar to humans traveling in a huge habitat adapted ship called New Hope the ship had become unable to support their Eco-system. Captian Livin Moorehead leaves with a diplomatic envoy to seek asylum for the draenei to DS9 and leaves his son Lt.Kraven in command of the U.S.S. Ridgid. While on a tour of the huge ship kraven met Livevilyn the daughter of the draenei Science academy minister a relationship formed and the two where soon inseparable.

A message is received the envoy is delayed do to the new war erupting in the alpha quadrant and DS 9 has been captured by the lost 2800 Ridgid hold fast kraven is issued battlefield commission of Commander and first officer of the Ridgid under new Captian Al Koholic. Mean while on the new hope structural integrity is failing and the Ridgid was beginning to feel the load the engineering core was working hard on constructing new habitats for the refugees when the ships were attacked by unknown raiders though they destroyed the attackers Captian Koholic was killed. Faced with the possibility that starfleet may take awhile and the condition of the new hope kraven convinces the leaders of the dranei to split there ship up and use it as a tractor ferry to transport the refuges to a near by class m planet. a great deal of time had passed kraven and livevilyns relationship has blossomed into a heated romance and nervously they awaited the return of there parents.

The settlement construction was progressing well the ridgid was in orbit collecting resources and providing support. Zulu hr kraven is alerted of multiple ships incoming to there system ready to defend his new home the ridgid holds below the planets pole to be invisible to the incoming ships but the ridgids sensors or blocked as well except for the defensive satellites they placed on the system perimeter kraven waits to strike. With the enemy ships in range kraven calls for the riker-moorehead maneuver and darts in to combat (ZAP) the ridgid is stopped dead and subsystems disabled a familiar face appears on the view screen?U didn?t think u could beat me with my own maneuver did u son?lol (livin chuckles)

Kraven and Livevilyn tightly hold hands as the delegates including there fathers materialize on the the transporter pad. Livevilyn?s father embraces her and immediately realizes that she is with child (POW) Kraven is laid out by his future father in-law.

Several years later kraven and his wife Livevilyn are assigned to the Red Dawn an elite fleet of members that actively defend the alpha and beta quadrants from it's many threats.

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My background has been moved. Here is the link for it. I've checked the forum permissions there, and everyone should be able to read it without having to register.
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.:Rachel Victoria Johnson:.

Rachel Johnson was granted asylum in the federation in 2391, She was found alone aboard a drifting unknown vessel as the records show at nearing the age of 1, The Year 2389. From the vessels logs she was born in 2388. Her record aboard the ship shown she was of Royal Descendant.

She was adopted and given the name Rachel Victoria Johnson by her foster parents, A married couple of renowned Federation Scientists who were to research Rachels' species and to care for her. The Scientists soon realised Rachel's potential and began grooming Her for a Starfleet Career. In Rachel's learning curve She Studied Music and fine Arts, while She was Studied by many other Scientists in the Federation in the English University of Oxford, Rachel got her long awaited placement into Starfleet Academy and throughout her Schooling and Pre University Learning, she outperformed her professors expectations and sometimes startled her tutors.

She graduated Starfleet Academy with her Science Majors plus some amount of Engineering and Tactical knowledge. She finished her last year on her Captaincy training, soon after she was posted aboard U.S.S. Hoylake as Chief Science Officer and head of research. During a confrontation with the Klingon, U.S.S. Hoylake was heavily damaged and many crew had been lost, the Captain and First officer where among those. Still under fire Rachel managed to discourage the Klingon attack and save the Hoylake and remaining crew, Rachel and the crew successfully returned Hoylake to Starbase 157.
After giving a full report her efforts didn't go unnoticed and that also of her crew, She received The Cochrane Medal of Excellence along with The Starfleet Decoration of Gallantry.

In 2410 Rachel gained the Rank of Rear Admiral at the age of 22, one of few Starfleet Admiralty to boast this Achievement at a young age. She took it upon herself to take command of the Intrepid II Prototype, to which she named U.S.S. Cutty Sark.

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Crell, of the House of Jev, was not the Heir Designate until after his elder brother was killed in an Honour Duel. Being the second for this duel, he witnessed his brother's death first hand. This loss and the change in his own status affected him deeply. He took up his new duties unwillingly at first, then began to see the inherent wisdom in the Path of the Warrior. He enlisted as an ordinary soldier in the House Fleet where he served with distinction. This led to his being seconded to the KDF where he was enrolled in the Academy for officer training. His experiences in the KDF allow him to view the Empire from quite a different perspective. Crell views battle and conquest, glory and victory the same as any other tlhIngan soldier. But whenever he has a choice to make he will always choose the path which benefits his House first. He has two uncles and three aunts who fought alongside Martok during the Dominion wars. He idolizes all of them and never passes a chance to spend some time with them. However, their opinions and tales of Martok, along with his own experiences, has caused Crell to form some dangerous ideas concerning the current members of the High Council. He firmly believes the High Council regularly places their own interests and wishes ahead of what is best for the Empire as a whole. Wisely, he keeps these views to himself. He will not act against the interests of the Empire. Nor will he raise a hand against it. The strife caused by Gowron is something he thinks upon regularly. However, he looks forward to the day when the current High Council members are too old or too weak to hold their station. On that day, he will stand against them to serve his House and his Empire as they deserve to be served.
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Nice Thunderfoot
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This is the link to my "main" its rather lengthy to post here:


Iam writing a bio for all of my boffs, ill share one. This is the bio of my CMO / Chief Counselor Alarima.


-------Lt. Aramdiyisa Alarima Maal---------

Aramdiyisa Alarima Maal was the Chief Medical Officer and Ship's Counselor of the Federation Starship U.S.S. Nova Scotia (NCC-92709-A).

Alarima was born in Rolti, a village in the Hendrikspool province of Bajor in 2377. Her father was a village doctor while her mother was a sculptor.

Alarima's family was moderately religious and tried to balance their D'jarras and the freedoms of a post occupation life. Before the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor the Maal family is part of the Ih'valla D'jharra (Artist's Caste) but the Occupation forced Alarima's parents to help in the resistance medic tents. Her father and mother then proceeded to enroll and graduate from the University of Rixx on Betazed with a Medical Technician and Nursing degree respectfully in 2372. During the short D'jarra revival in 2373, Alarima's mother reverted to being a sculptor while his father remained adamant at being a medic. This proved a theme in the upbringing of Alarima.

In 2388, Alarima enrolled to a Federation sponsored secondary school with the help of her father. She wanted this school because growing up Alarima looked up to the Federation and its heroes and wished one day to be a Starfleet Officer or at least in a position to interact with the Federation on a daily basis. The decision was upsetting to her mother.

Despite this in 2394, Alarima graduated with top marks and enrolled to Starfleet Medical Academy in San Francisco to get her medical degree and in 2398 enrolled in Starfleet Academy next campus over to gain her officership and specializing in the skill set of a Councellor in addition of her Medical responisibilities.

In 2402, just after Alarima's completion of her cadet cruise on the U.S.S. London and just before entering Department Head school she took a six-month sabbatical to Bajor after the death of her mother. She dressed in traditional Bajoran garb the whole time she was there.

In 2403, Alarima served as a doctor on the U.S.S. Indianapolis and was given a promotion to Chief Medical Officer and Counselor in 2404.

In 2405, Alarima married the Bajoran civilian doctor Velak Qan after two months of courtship that began on a medical conference on Trill. She served one more tour on the U.S.S. Indianapolis.

In 2409, Alarima requested transfer by Starfleet Command to the U.S.S. Nova Scotia-A to be near her husband who was helping with the Romulan hospital on Mol'Rihan.

She is currently suffering from morning sneezing.


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@ rachelj88, thunderfoot006 and chandlerashari: fantastic bios

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