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# 1 Buff Tachyon Beam please?
01-04-2013, 06:07 PM
I run level 3 Tachyon Beam with 6 ranks in Flow Capacitors, 85 Aux power and I STILL barely scratch BoPs, so I think its a tad lot underpowered, even the low level one. Do whatever you need to do for PvP, but please buff it in PvE at least at higher levels.

It should have more effect on shields to begin with. First increase the shield drain per pulse by 100% (it deals double what it currently does).

Then maybe add one of these Suggestions:

- Debuff Target's Shield Resistance for X seconds during and after the effect

- Increase Bleedthrough rate of all weapons: +20% (30% total) Level 1, +30% (40% total) Level 2, +40% (50% total) Level 3 for X seconds

- Completely Disable Target's Shield regen for X seconds during and after the effect

- Regenerate player's shields for amount drained during effect and/or Apply an Aux modified Shield resistance to player for X seconds after effect


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