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Sometimes I solo off and head into a group of tholian ships.

First question. I notice that most of the time right away if apears that hey attack my subsystems and drop my weapons power off line. Is there any way to defend against that or do you just have to pop a weapons batter or EptW?

second question. some times out of no where my shield will disappear but unlike but I look and i havent noticed my shields off line then I pop a shield battery and they stay 0. What tholian attack just drains all your shields instantly?

3rd question. What weapon types do the tholain use? Is that tetryon?

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1) No other defenses. Though subsystem repair should fix it quicker (not counting on it myself).

2) Haven't experienced that (from the Tholians).

3) Correct.

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I have NEVER seen Tholians in the Azura rescue mission.

There are Orions there and they use Disruptor weapons, which are green.

Tholians are a Lvl 50 enemy, so Im not sure why they would be in the first mission of the game.

EDIT: Sorry, I misread the post. For the Azure Nebula rescue, yes Tholians are there, yes they use Tetryon weapons. As for the shields offline, that's part of the Tetryon proc. They have a small chance to take all shields offline for a brief time in addition to additional shield damage.
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i THINK Engineering Team also fixes all sub systems
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01-05-2013, 04:50 AM
thanks for the insites and help with the questions

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