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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
4) MES - what's wrong with it? It gives pretty good stealth. Ok, not much bonuses other then this but when you fly MVAE or some other high-end Fed escort without a cloak it can be pretty usefull for sneaking around and alpha striking your targets of choice. The only thing that suck about it is the reliance on Aux power. I would make it not dependand on power levels and apply constant stealth with the value for current 125 Aux MES. It would be good power then. Not something to be used by anyone, but good enough for those who want to sneak around.
MES would be a fantastic skill except that it breaks in combat and is pretty much a wasted slot unless you burn everything pulling out again. I've considered trying to make use of MES but it has a lot of weird mechanics (for example you get an insane defense bonus, but generally if you're coming out of cloak you're not trying to tank so what's the point?) that prevent it from having even niche or gimmick-build use.

Personally I'm not sure I'd want to see it fixed... KvK is already notorious for cloak-abuse and having people dipping in and out of cloak every game would just feel goofy.

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Buff Mines, especially Tricobalt mines, so that their damage can catch the ship deploying them if they get too close during detonation. Heavy Torpedoes already act this way so it seems like an oversight that Tric Mines don't cause any damage to the user. This should also effect pets (and the carrier or flight deck cruiser who unleashes them) which launch heavy torps and mines.

In theory, doing so would emphasis the importance of the tactical deployment of these items rather than encouraging people to blindly spam them. By increasing the risk, you might also reduce the need to nerf these unique weapons. They should be strong but they just don't cost enough. Turning on self damage would also have a greater impact on PvP without taking away too much utility from PvE where you can more easily drop and move out of range before they activate.
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tric mines should absolutely damage the user, but i guess not each other, dispersal pasterns wouldn't work on them if they did basically. for all the damage i take HY omega bombing, just to watch someone tric mine with 5 times the damage potential, with no worry of self damage, its very irritating
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Let's think about this now...

Tric Mine, DPB, now, we'll (in our imagination lab) add in self-damage/friendly fire effects to ALL mines.

Foreseeable consequences: for those brave/foolish enough to employ these weapons in Ker'rat, I hypothesize that the results for the first few tries would be pretty funny-it's a long-standing trope now that Fed groups camping the spawn lay down minefields as part of their "Strategy" of park-weapons-on the-spawn-point.

so you'd likely see a small reduction in mines dropped by campers, but about the same level of mine-and-run (or drop mines as you die) counter-camping tactics.

espl if you take Stevehale's suggested counter to nerfing the tric-the tactic would become "Drop minefield-now RUN before it activates".
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