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I'm an Engineer in an escort- Defiant-R for now, Armitage by the end of the month. I enjoy all the endgame content, but I don't PvP. Before season 6 I ran a three piece borg set with the MACO shield. Since season 7 I've been running a full set of MACO Mk XII, although the 3-piece bonus is underwhelming.

Now that I've leveled the reputation system I'm looking at the new space sets. The old Romulan shield looked cool, but I never used it after I got the Aegis set. Is the whole set any good? How about the Reman set? I do use the new cutting beam set (I forget what it's called) and the 3 piece shield power seems to work pretty well.

What would the be best set- or combination of pieces- for an engscort for non-pvp endgame content?

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