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01-05-2013, 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
That's no way to make money. Don't need to be a Vulcan, just a mature adult. Customers are not boyfriends/girlfriends, and something is VERY wrong if that level of emotion is being ascribed to what is merely a small-instance professional relationship.

If "I'm leaving" threads are banned by the forum TOS, then that's a(nother) sign that they don't really WANT to improve.

Again: leavers are what actually damages the game's/company's the bottom line, not complainers who stay. If they are so fragile that they can't even accept the very existence of leavers' complaints, then they (and the game) are doomed.
No they don't, they get trolled, and bashed by other players...Now can I has your stuff.
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