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Hi Community,

After many months of hard work, my 5-part series has finally been published!

Watch the trailer - here, so you can get a feel for what's in store.

I worked very hard to try and address some on the issues folks had with my last Foundry Mission "Stray Dogs"

The missions are 30 - 40 min. storyline-based, with loads of challenging space battles, ground wars, puzzles, you name it .

Expect to explore exciting locations such as Vulcan, the icy wastelands of Rura Penthe, assaulting the Fortress of Quin'lat or visiting the mysterious planet X!

Disclaimer: Some of the combat is particularly challenging. It is recommended to play in normal mode first off, and if you are up-to-a-challenge increase the difficulty

Part 1 - "Storm Clouds"

Set amid the tumultuous intrigues of a dissident group known as the "Triumvirate", seeking to bring an end to Chancellor J'mpok's reign, a ruthless adversary arises from the ashes of Romulus.

Hesiod Severus is unforgiving in his loathing of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire alike.

Vowing to restore the Romulan Star Empire to greater glory, Hesiod will stop at nothing to uncover the mysteries of the "Totality", an ancient creature whose destructive power he will unleash to give birth to a new empire.

Part 2 - "Wounded Sky"

As Chancellor J'mpok embarks on a journey to the Korba Du Re' Star Fortress, to broker a new alliance with King Slathis of Gorn, the treacherous Admiral Issarra declares martial law and seizes power on Qo'noS, declaring himself Regent over the Klingon Empire.

Forcing the hand of the High Council, whose loyalty is assured at the tip of a blade, Issarra scores his first major blow against the embattled Yan Isleth forces under the command of the loyalist General Semparri.

Amid this firestorm of civil war, the insane Romulan scientist, Hesiod Severus, is relentless in his pursuit of the Totality. Intent on unleashing a new Armageddon against the Alpha Quadrant, Hesiod is determined to see from the ashes, a new Phoenix arise.

Part 3 - "Devil's Devout"

The beleaguered forces of Chancellor J'mpok, commanded by General Semparri have withdrawn to Boreth, following Issarra's brutal seizure of power on Qo'noS.

Set against this backdrop of civil war, the your crew must continue their search to stop Hesiod Severus from unleashing the Totality.

Part 4 - "Seeding"

The pursuit of Hesiod Severus continues, taking your crew into the very heart of the new Romulan Star Empire.

Part 5 - "Fires of Armageddon"

Unsettled by the mysterious Progenitor's warning, your crew prepare themselves for the transdimensional jump to continue their pursuit of Hesiod across the distant Galactic Barrier.

What dangers lie in store for you? And will you be in time to stop the fires of Armageddon?

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