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01-06-2013, 07:37 AM
Originally Posted by razhgal View Post
try taking out the big guy. before going after the little ones. (space)
No. Never go after the Tarantulas while their support craft are alive. Each one has 600k hp. Take out their support craft (the plethora of orb weavers and recluses), THEN kill the Tarantulas. Best way to do it is have a cruiser aggro those two ships, and then draw them off while the rest of the group kills the rest of the fleet. Then you kill the Tarantulas one at a time. Then you slaughter the support fleets and call it a day.
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The worst part about the web is that even though a node is selected, sometimes weapons with 360 firing arcs (turrets, kinetic cutting beam) don't seem to know it's there and refuse to fire. Combine that with the all-too-frequent weapons offline for ~10sec and... Well, it's not a lot of fun!

I'm not enjoying how a heavy I thermionic torpedo deals over 10K damage... and they happen frequently. Also, why are recluse tetryon arrays dealing kinetic damage... Do they have amped up reputation skills too or is that just a trait of their ridiculous equipment/abilities? Lately, they've been hitting me with aux offline, too. I guess that's to nerf the ships that use aux for weapon power.
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01-06-2013, 09:13 AM
i wasnt talking about the tarantula, but the recluse or weavers.
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Originally Posted by kerven01 View Post
The worst part about the web is that even though a node is selected, sometimes weapons with 360 firing arcs (turrets, kinetic cutting beam) don't seem to know it's there and refuse to fire. Combine that with the all-too-frequent weapons offline for ~10sec and... Well, it's not a lot of fun!.
The main problem is some of the nodes are on the inside, while others are on the outside. If you're trapped, you can only shoot at the inside ones. I normally just rotate the camera, spam Tab, and as soon as I get a bite, open fire. Do that a couple of times and the entire web collapses (or at least gives you plenty of holes to escape through).

It's a bit annoying how quickly enemy ships can chew their way out of my own Weaver's webs compared to me escaping from an NPC one, though
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I always go right and help the borg kill the Tholians until they are all dead, sometimes I have to kill some of the borg too after killing all tholians first, than I just go around capital ship killing every orb, recluse and others until there is almost only big ones left. Be carefull behind them, they use tric torp and those are deadly against bare hull. Try to stay on the sides or behind the capital ships, keep weapon batteries handy. And eptw seems to clear debuff too but not sure if it a coincidence or not, I need more experimentation to be sure.

Best defense for those web is FAW, you'll destroy one in no time providing they don't shut down you're weapons with those torp.

For the most part I just repeated what other said, don't attack capital ship right away or you'll die a lot without been able to finish it. Take care of all the little one first and you should be all right. Also you are always 5, the map is so big you will loose other on the other side, its big enough to loose a battle group, I know we lost one because we couldn't find the last group in time after capital ships.
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I've found Fire Beam at Will and Eject Warp Plasma to be very handy when dealing with Tholians in space.
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I don't really have a problem with incoming damage on the ground when it comes to Tholians. A 3 piece Omega MK XI should be enough to reduce their damage to manageable levels.

Are you crouching? That alone will cut your incoming damage by about half. Aiming will increase your damage to kill them faster which means less time they have to kill you. I recommend bursting them down; use any damage increasing abilities you have (Tricorder Scan, Target Optics, etc), use a large energy cell, get up in their faces and blasting them with a secondary shot from a pulsewave assault. They usually die in one hit, even the big ones, but if they don't, they can't survive the second shot.
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If you have the credits (KDF) or Zen (Fed), the Point Defense console is marvelous against webs.
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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
Weapon Batteries are your friend!
not all are; Red Matter Capacitors are not re-enabling disabled subsystems. It's annying as hell.
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Having 1 copy of Tractor Beam Repulsors is great... pop it when you see the web starting to form around you.... it'll keep you from getting trapped and losing LOS to your target.

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