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Originally Posted by jcsww View Post
The Intel logo refers to CPUs, not GPUs.

This tends to be the trend among a lot of players I regularly play with. Lowering their settings to the absolute minimum in some cases still fails to prevent the game from crashing for them. A lot of these issues came with Season 7 so blaming the game when a particular point introduces a crapload of bugs that were reported on the test server means, the Dev's aren't doing their jobs!
its interesting to look at the relationship between default OEM settings and the in-game visual tools or options.. as with other products some commands being misinterpreted and confusing my card using the ubiquitous MS family of OS.

the poster above me had an interesting work around or by chance event.. i really stay away from windowed most of the time as i like nothing else in view on my screen

so i always select full screen.. i Beta tested Cryptic II with a ATI and old PCI not an pc express slotted Nvidia w 750 more MB of me on the card. and exactly the same RAM
on a Tower not laptop. always a slotted not on-board chip vid.. but i was stuck with a on board audio chip.. still never had the audio troubles just vid and lag.

my ping to the accounts server has been decent and i don't use the proxy so i get packets returned in acceptable ranges for on-line gaming over other apps or simple browsing with low graphic requirements. and not 3d CAD design.
its been difficult to localize many bugs for a repeatable in test lab QA as the Cryptic TEst beds.. not everyday PC non game design work site quality stuff here you see.

I wish it was a simple switch.. when Champions on-line was in DEV they had a Hyper Thread CPU option that dint work right and was removed from the options menu.. so no IBM tweak patch came about. Im use to Game Betas were Hardware vendors played and liked the product and would customize their OEM from factory with MAcros and optimizers
i'm just spoiled that way.

Anecdotal maybe.. i'm trying to brainstorm and throw pasta at the fridge Doro until something sticks some common thread pops in to add data to the bug hunt.. the Cryptic error report used to crash at mini dump or red error out and a full dump was sent.. many times this process prevented the pc from doing much else spit was a hardship. i tried to send every report i could to add data so they could use their diagnostics debugging tools to figure out what in the build was not setting right.. or playing nice. .but with so many diverse machine combos and things

its maybe time for the CSR to have a what do you play with poll or questionnaire so they can get a cross section demographic to target for the Engine to benchmark to serve a wider range of customers?
This is like sETI@home the QA is nice but only have so many people and so much time..
we're force verifyign again as we write hoping to see STO as we once did again. and have us some fun..
Beware of Cloaked Romulans Bering Gifts

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Thank you jennyluve I don't know if that will work for anyone else. It seems like it just might be a freak accident. But I will try it anyway.

Edit: Ok, so when you are at Fullscreen and minimize and then maximize the game goes to windowed maximized. Not back to Fullscreen. But it appears that what jennyluve experienced was a freak accident. When I tried it the game ended up freezing my computer again.

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I found this while looking around the other night. It seems to have helped somewhat. Not sure why since I have the win 7 32bit. But it installed and I can now run the game with my Graphic card set to a higher 3d detail setting. I still have to have the game settings a low. But the game looks better then it did when both were on low. I still got crashes while doing Starbase 234 but I can now go to ESD and not crash and burn. I hope it works for other people.
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I got my FPS issues fixed ...i grabbed the latest AMD drivers from their website and installed those and i get BETTER performance than i did on my nvidia card

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p
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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
I got my FPS issues fixed ...i grabbed the latest AMD drivers from their website and installed those and i get BETTER performance than i did on my nvidia card
Lucky you! I have tried the 12.11 beta, 12.10, 12.6, and 11.12's. My issues persist but fixing the AA issue Season 7 I'm sure isn't on the list of things to be fixed with the lengthy list of other things the team chooses to ignore.
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Originally Posted by captainamericax View Post
Hey, at least some of you guys can get on the game. My character is at the Earth Space Dock and when I take 3 steps forward, it crashes.

I can't even check if i'm successfully selling items or work on my Duty Officers, its unplayable.

I don't doubt the Devs know about this and I don't doubt that they will eventually fix it. I do however, doubt that they care since all the blame is going on to the Graphics Cards themselves.

Many people including myself could play STO perfectly fine before Season 7 and now its basically broken for us. You can't blame our systems when the problem arises in a way like that.
Exactly. While it's happening mostly with the Intel HD GPUs, it's also affecting my ATI card and a friend's NVidia card. While not everyone is having problems, there is a large number of us that are.
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I can almost always get my machine to crash when I go to my Fleet's starbase. When I am close to the base (in space) and have the image of the base is on my screen, my computer freezes and flashes to black and then comes back several times and then crashes.

The same thing when doing the Starbase Fleet Defense.
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Hi folks, I don't usually browse the forums but this crashing is getting worst. Seems this problem began with the introduction of Season 7 and had gotten progressively worst. I used to crash when returning to a base and always in New Romulus. Prior to Season 7 I had similar problems but it only occurred on DS9. Now it's the whole universe. I'm even crashing in the middle of a mission. I do run an Nvidia Quadro which worked well prior to Season 7 with the exception of DS9. Not sure what to do. I've tried reducing everything in the setup but it doesn't help at all. The funny thing is that I have a cheap laptop with an ATI video and it works fine. I'm just ready to hang it up. oh yeah, now I'm getting those full dumps which sends anywhere from 200mb to 600mb. As if it can't get any worst.
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Again for everyone who is having these problems. Make a support ticket, they may not help you at all but they need to know how big this issue is and who it effects. Also those who have Intel HD Graphics cards do please try that link I posted and see if it works for you. I was able to finish a set of featured missions and it seems to have helped me in my space missions as well. I could do the hive onslaught with very few blackouts. And I can go to ground maps without the computer freezing up. I do agree that this error seems to be progressive and gets worse as time goes on. I was getting black screens while in space. Oddly enough it seemed that more people equaled more black screens.
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Also please get on this thread:

And complain loudly. They might change the game requirements if you don't! This would effectively make it our problem and not theirs. This is the same link I posted on page 9 of this thread. Go! talk to tech support. If you just complain on this thread they are not going to see it!
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