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ok so eer since ive gotten my (wonderful) christmas breen ship, ive bee playin around with it tryin to get the perfect (for me) build out of it and i think ive finally done it so some feedback and possibly some suggestions would be helpful as some of these gear pieces i have not yet acquired and not entirely sure if they will work they way i want them too and i use this for PvE Stfs and the odd 1v1 pvp with a freind...

Tact Captain

weps fore: 3x adv fleet Antiproton DHC, 1x adv fleet quantum (to be replaced by either omega or romulan torp)
weps aft: 3x adv fleet turrets, Kinetic cutting beam

Borg Deflector (or omega deflector and engine for tet glider, or even full borg for KCB+tractor combo )
Borg egine
Maco shield

tact consoles: 4x AP mags
eng consoles: borg, 2x neutronium
sci consoles: 1x field gen, 2x emitter amplifiers (want to replace one emitter with rom console)

Boff layout:
Comm tact: TT1, C:SV1, TS3, AP:Omega3 (or Beta3)
Lt Tact: TT1 C:SV1
Lt Eng: EptS1, Aux2Sif1
Lt Comm sci: HE1, HE2, TSS3
ens uni: EptS1

now my skills are pretty straightforward, mandatory TT and EptS to keep my shields up and redistributing as much as possile, CSV for good aoe cannon damage and TS3 for cleanup and often unnshielded targets in stfs, havnt really decided which attack pattern to go with here yet.... beta for damage resistance debuff and essentially higher team dps overall or omega for the extra root resistance (along with evasives) and buff my own damage by a fair bit plus the extra speed and turn rate?

as for everything else, ive noticed the breen ship lacks hull heals so thats why i took the ens uni and made it EptS1 so i could run aux2sif constantly for a nice damage resist and some free hull every 15 sec, and on my sci skills i wwas running HE1 TSS2 and grav well but as a tact officer i dont really need grav well to crowd control, most things just melt under my cannons anyways so i went a more healing route with 2 copies of HE and TSS3 which is a great shield heal and HE is always useful against the borg and thier plasma fires.

my real questions come to gear. im looking at a few options, one is full borg with a field gen buffing it so its not so ****ty (and really its not all that bad as everyone makes it out tio be, its a viabble shield imo) so that way i can tractor+KCB, throw in either the rom torp for a stream of HY plasmas or the omega torp for plasma bolts, im not sure how good either torp is so some feedback on those would be welcome, another option is 2pc omega and maco shield foor tet glider, now im not speced into flow caps but i can respec if its totally worth it, ive had my eye on that skill for awhile just not sure how good it is in stfs.
alternativvely i could stick with what i have now, cause its working well enough anyways lol

they way i see it is ill be benefitting from 3 set bonuses any way i cut it, 2pc omega adapted borg for omega wep amplifier, 2pc borg hull heal (or tet glider or full 3pc borg) add in the rom 2pc set if i add the torp to the console for a slight buff to my EptS and some plasma damage for the torps and throw in the maco shield proc for good measure and it all sounds fairly dangerous....thoughts?

*EDIT* i use 2x purp projectile doffs, 2x purp shield distribution doffs and a purp mait eng who give a special buff depending on the battery used for my active roster. i throw down either a wep battery for the extra 10pct damage or a shield batt for the 10pct damage resist depending on the situation

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