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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
I never bothered to check, as any bleed damage I took always had an energy type, and it showed two values, I assumed this was due to the resistance reduction.
My impression is that Bleedthrough and Plasma DoTs are subject to our hull damage resistance.

Originally Posted by glasswords View Post
Thanks everyone. I appreciate the replies. How are you measuring your damage output? I haven't been able to find a combat log or something that I can parse to measure. Am I missing something?
You use the /combatlog 1 command to start logging, and /combatlog 0 to stop. I'm not at home so I can't double-check, but it should be in your game's directory under Live/Logs or something. Your game directory depends on if you installed it through Steam or whatnot.

To parse that log you can use STO Integrated Combat Software or grab the ACT plug in for use with the Advanced Combat Tracker.

I personally use ACT, not only because I came across it first, but because STOICS makes my eyes bleed.

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