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01-07-2013, 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by cyberdeath666 View Post
i really like this ship but im having real trouble with my shields on this ship ive tried my ship set's maco xii,omega xii,borg xii, reman and the shields stats drop from over 9,000 to just over 6,000 any help would be great thanks
As opposed to what? What your shield amount was on your previous ship?

The shield amount is low due to the shield modifier of the ship, which is 1. You will probably need to put some Field Generators on there if you want higher.
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01-07-2013, 09:09 AM
It has the same exact shields as nearly every other cruiser in the game, while being more maneuverable than nearly every other cruiser in the game.

I'm... baffled at the complaint.
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01-07-2013, 09:14 AM
It's not a cruiser, it's escort, just saying...

Build I use is simply:

4 Pol Dis DHC Crthx2
4 Pol Dis Tur Crthx2

Retro Deflector
Retro Engine
Elite Resi Shield

Neutro, Borg, Tachyo
Field Gen, Leech, Aceton
Dis x4

Doffs: BFI x3, Gw x1, Tbr x1.

tt1 csw1 apo1+3
tt1 csw1
he1 tbr1 gw1
epts1 rsp1

works finely if I hapen to use the ship but I rather use any other ship since the ship is kinda crap.
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01-10-2013, 08:43 AM
The Chel is a beast!

3xdual cannons, either omega torp (single target boff) or romulan torp (AoE boff)
KCB, 2x turrets, mines of choice (currently hooked on chroniton)

Omega set

Aux bat, red matter cap, subspace field

neutronium plate, assimulated console, either rule 62 console (single target) or Zero-point (Aoe)
Field generator, threat reducer of choice (particle gen+plasma is a good one), energy dissipator*
4x energy weapon console

Com Tac: Tac team1, Attack pattern beta 1, either torp high yield 3 and cannon rapid fire 3 (single) or spread 3 and scatter volley 3 (AoE)
Lt Tac: Tac team 1, dispersal pattern of choice 1
LtCom sci: Hazard Emiters 1, transfer shield strength 2, grav well 1
Lt Eng: EP2S1, Aux2Bat1
Uni Ens: EP2w1

3xAux2Bat doffs
1x grav well doff
1x torp reduction doff

*I'm sure I'll replace the energy disipator but its still new so I'm playing with it some.
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