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# 1 My Vesta is making me sad
01-07-2013, 11:30 AM
My Vesta is making me sad, probably because I either suck at flying it properly or am not fitting it properly. I'm not ready to say the ship is terrible because I don't think it is, I had fun when I first got it but lately it just seems to get owned real bad. I've tried swapping some things but this is what I'm running most recently(FYI I'm a Tac and this is the Recon model);

Fore: 2xAux DHC, 1xFleet Quantum Torpedo

Aft: 2xPhaser Turret(or 1xBeam Array and 1xturret), 1xWide Angle Quantum Torpedo

Paratrinic Shields, Positron Deflector(structural), MACO engines

Consoles: 1xQuantum focus phaser, 1xIsometric Charge, 1xAssimilated, 1xTachyokinetic, 1xAero Point, 1xNeutronium, 1xMonotanium, 3xPhaser Relay, 1xZero Point Quantum

Hanger: Advanced Peregrine Fighters

BoFF's: CRF2, THY2, TT1, TS1, BO1/FAW1(if i have the beam in back)
Eng Team 2, EPtS1, PH1, TracBeam2, Tyken2, GravWell2

Sometimes i change out the Sci for TracBeam1, PH2, TST3, and TracBeamRepulse3

I get frustrated trying to do my own damage and stay alive while trying to watch how many Peregrines I have out and keep up with launching fighters end up just getting owned by everything and in the mean time I'm getting chewed apart. Makes for a frustrating experience, but I must be doing something wrong here. Help!?

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