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# 1 Tholian Recluse Engineer Help
01-07-2013, 05:12 PM
So I came back to the game, yay me, and right now trying to bash my way back up to gear.

Got myself a Tholian Recluse, which I'm having fun with, just concerned over boff/console load out and curious on if some options are actually good ideas or not.

Gearwise I'm running [going for a Tanky Carrier]:

Fore : Antiproton XII ACC/CritH/Borg , Antiproton XII ACC/CritH/Borg , Antiproton XII ACC/CritH/Borg
Aft : Antiproton XI ACC/CritH/Borg , Antiproton XI ACC/CritH/Borg , Antiproton XI ACC/CritH/Borg

Defl : Borg XI
Impl : Borg XI
Shld : MACO XI

EngC : EPS Flow, Neut, Neut, Borg
SciC : Point Defense System, Tholian Tetryon Grid, Field Generator, Field Generator
TacC : Antiproton, Antiproton

Cmdr : Engineer EPtW1, RSP1, EPtS3, APtSIF3
LtCm : Engineer EPtW1, ET2, EPtS3
LtCm : Science PH1, HE2, GW1
Ensn : Science TSS1
Ensn : Tactical TT1

So the actual questions.

First, I'm not entirely sure if my set-pieces setup is a good one currently, it's just habit from before they changed the assimilated console

Second, would the Romulan Zero-Point Energy Conduit console be good for this build or no.

Third, I do intend to replace the beam arrays over to Tetryon weapons, just a matter of time to find them. However, are Phased-Tetryon weapons a good investment, or would I be better off with regular tetryon?

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