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I dunno, I think the highlight of the book was when they discuss about the drunk baseball playing Undine. That made my day. Though the final two chapters (which occur in 2415) with Picard and Crusher's son was pretty cool. And I got really unnerved about the woman who murdered her neighbor in WA state because the town they give is one my best friend lives in. So, it's a nice bit backstory. Just realize that it's written in-universe in 2421, but has interviews from 2391 through then in there. So it's more of a "this is the stuff that wasn't classified" feel.

As far as the Iconians NOT being referenced, it's implied that they're involved in the [TEXT REDACTED] scenes of the novel.
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Originally Posted by paxfederatica View Post
The high point of the book (IMO) was the story of how Data got "resurrected" in B-4's body.
I'd have to agree with that...the ethical ramifications of Data's "resurrection" and B-4 making the heroic sacrifice...
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