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01-07-2013, 08:56 PM
This is my build so far

Shields Paratrinic Shields

Don't remember what my engines are


Fore: Tetyron single cannon, Disruptor cannon, Plasma dual beam bank, Plasma Cannon.

Aft: Two Plasma Mines, one blue and the other green, and a phaser turret in the back.

Deflector don't rememerer

Boff layout

Tac: Tac Team, Mine Disepsal Pattern Alpha

Eng: Energency power to Weapons x2, Emergency power to shields II, DEM, and Acton Beam 3.

Science: Transfer Shield Strength, Hazard Emitter, Feedback Pulse.

Hangar: Advanced Slavers

DOFFS: Two Green Projectile Officers Mines

Consoles, mostly random crap.

Captain Tactical: Grade 33.

I know I suffer from being a Rainbow Cruiser, but I don't want to invest a great deal of resources at this level, so I just use the most powerful loot I can find.

The Paratrinic Shields at least give me good shield strength so along with my shield heals, Hazard Emitters, and Acton Beam III gives me good survivablity except when my fighters peeve off too many enemies at once and I get gangbanged (even then I usually servive).

Used to have Cannon Rapid Fire instead of Mine Dispersal Alpha, but I tried MDA on lark
and I find I'm doing alot more spike damage and its more fun, especially when I hit an enemy with with eight mines, plus my Slaver's Quantum Mines.

I find I'm blowing stuff up faster with all these mines.

I ultimately want to go all Polaron Single Cannons in the front and 1 Polaran Single Cannon in the back with my 2 Plasma Mine Launchers.

Any advise?

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