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Ok, it was 20 minutes into the hour for the bonus stuff. I figured I had enough time to complete the mission. I didn't. Mission took 45 minutes. So not only did I miss the fairly pathetic bonus rewards, but I could have run at least 2 STFs and gotten a pile of Omega Marks and whatever the borg parts are called now.

The Officer Reports is a complete waste of time. Glad Cryptic 'fixed' them. I know I won't be doing anymore.
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01-07-2013, 12:53 PM
The bonus hour only increases like experince points, maybe EC. pretty much ignore the window.

you can run the officer report anytime in the day at get 960 dilithium and 50 fleet marks (60 with the fleet boost) and the wrapper mission can be run every 30 minutes not stop, plus many of them have lots of battleships and things so you can get 100-300k of EC from selling junk.

they are certainly not a waste of time if you want dilithium, EC and especially fleet marks.

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01-07-2013, 02:45 PM
I play Foundry missions all the time, and I've still not entirely worked out exactly what bonuses you get for completing them during the bonus hour. If it was bonuses to the Fleet Marks or Dilithium, I think you'd see a lot more people playing them, but as it is, I just play them whenever.

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01-07-2013, 10:20 PM
To me the real problem here is that foundry authors like writing epic length missions and don't realize that not everybody likes playing epic length missions. A lot of people have said that they won't touch foundry missions because some of them will require your entire evening to complete and there's no way to tell from the outside of the box what those are.

So... maybe we could address that having on the mission summary the average play time of players who complete it. So when you're looking down the list and you see one with an average length of 20 minutes and another has an average lengths of 3 hours, you know which one you're going to run for the rewards as opposed to the story.

(It would also help Cryptic find "problem" missions that should not qualify for the wrapper)

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