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Originally Posted by dekkerd View Post
Hi all, I'd just like to put out there that one thing I would love to see changed in STO is Planet Scale!!!... I think the space enviroment in this game is superb, but there's just this one thing that's bugged me since launch and that is the scale of the planet we fly to!
I play SWTOR also and the space gameplay is fun but a little linear, but the one thing they have got right is the planet scale.. when doing missions in orbit you really do feel like your in orbit around a planet!.. in STO when i fly to a planet I can't help but feel that I'm flying my ship around a multicoloured tennis ball.!
So my dream update to STO would be Planet Scale.. feel the realism I believe it would add much depth to the game from this one action!
Thanks for reading
I don't mean to be rude, but you're not really supposed to post in threads that have been inactive for more than 30 days.

I do mostly agree with your suggestion, though.
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True FPS/3rdPS style Ground Combat

The sad truth really is that the current ground system is not working well. Though the RPG style elements maybe good for story driven like stuff, just about everything about the powers, weapons abilities, and kit abilities, seem more suitable as a fast paced FPS/3rdPS styled game.

When you play it RPG style, yeah you may consistently hit targets, but your DPS is lower, and your ability to respond to anything, much less a player in PvP is lower. Anyone in shooter mode will be able to easily out maneuver you, and even hide behind an object as your RPG style weapons fire at its weapons set fire rate, easily counteracting the auto aiming abilities of RPG ground mode.

The current ground shooter mode doesn't make much since cause you cant truly use it right. The weapon seems to get stuck at a point, for a split second as it fires, and wont move from pointing at that spot until the "set animation" is complete. It is completely unnatural feeling and disrupts players natural movements and expectations of any shooter mode game style and any thing they would respond to in RL. The best FPS/3rdPS conform to a players reactions they would have in RL so that it is one of the main reason why shooter games gain so much popularity. The play style feels closer to how they would react. Not this weird, move the cross-hairs, click, still move cross-hair, wait a split second for the gun animation to fire at the spot you already moved from, totally disorienting you with an unnatural lag that seems stuck at a point you already moved away from.

A real FPS/3rdPS would feel like your actually firing at what your looking at.

Ground game just simply needs an engine overhaul. And this game can handle the speed needed for ground FPS, especially since it can handle space and how 3rdPS it seems already, so the game has already proven it can handle the quick changes in the targeting arcs as well as usages of different abilities in rapid succession at such a server response and resend degree that a true shooter ground mode could easily be supported.
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01-06-2013, 10:11 PM
- Caitians have had their additional dodge chance removed.
- All ground armour now protects against cold damage.
- Stealth detection now works properly.
- More PvP maps!
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- fix some buggs
- Romulan faction
- PVP revamp

as simple as that
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I want the auto-pilot to keep going when it passes a star cluster on the way to the destination I actually told it to go to; I still end up in Delta Voltanis two or three times a day by accident, and it's driving me crazy.

Maybe not much of a full season in that, but I would like to see a big expansion of space battle content; I mostly play STO for the space combat and the handful of PvE missions per faction is far too few. I'd like to see some with more varied objectives including objectives that need to be held, so playing a pure tank might actually be semi-viable in PvE. I'm also thinking that weapons consoles could really do with a diminishing returns system similar to armour consoles; maybe not as drastic, but the current skew is too far toward damage dealing over everything else, and the stacking tactical consoles are easily to blame for that, they also discourage damage bonuses to both energy and kinetic weapons since you seem to get more mileage overall out of focusing on one or the other, supplemented by abilities.

I'd like more customisation options for ships; the Galaxy class and Dreadnought Cruiser for the Federation could sorely do with more interesting variants to choose pieces from. It would also be nice to be able to make minor positioning adjustments to ship components when customising, to make nacelles line up with pylons better and so-on.

If there have to be more ground missions in storylines then I'd like to see more thoughtful missions, or missions that are more than just "run up to enemy group, kill enemy group repeat" and "run around waiting several seconds at X number of objects to scan them". I'd love some more missions with puzzles, more missions on board enemy ships, or even on board my own ship during a boarding action or such. Could even make a fun PvE mission with a random player's ship under attack and all players working to repel boarders with different options for engineers, science officers and tactical officers; think base-defence type missions where tactical officers rally defenders, engineers try to seal bulkheads and science officers get inventive with the environmental controls. Do the same for fleet starbases.

What I'd really love to see in ground combat is a cover system; crouching is fine, and I know that 99% of the time in the actual TV series tactical officers just stand like idiots in open corridors, but a good cover mechanic in smaller, more detailed environments would be so much more fun than the current over-scaled environments that rely on dodging and crouching as opposed to actually physically putting things between you and your enemy. It'd be a huge undertaking for the existing missions, but it could always be added to newer missions first then retroactively introduced to earlier ones over time.
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I had a dream, that one day players would not be judged by the textures of their ships, but by the contents of their engineering sections.

I had a dream, that one day cruiser captains and science captain could sit at the table of compeditiveness with the escorts as equals.

I had a dream, and it was weird, there was like this snake thing....and you mom was there.
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be able to play as a gorn on the Fed side that is my dream update ^^
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The costumes in my signature.
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01-08-2013, 04:50 AM
Well... let's see...

Lucasarts Buys Cryptic.

I think we all know what happens after that...
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Originally Posted by captainconrad View Post
Well... let's see...

Lucasarts Buys Cryptic.

I think we all know what happens after that...
You mean Disney buys Cryptic. Which, unless PWE puts them up for sale, won't happen. Although Disney would have the financial clout to buy PWE outright...

Ahh, wait, this is for dream updates, never mind
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