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# 1 Skills Tray Weirdness
01-08-2013, 10:07 AM
A while back, there was a change in the way the skills trays work. At least in mine. Now when I run completely out of hypos (or shields or whatever), I can?t just add more to my toon?s device slots and be done. They don?t automatically show up in the tray. I have to move them from inventory to the device slot, then hit ?P,? then unlock the bottom tray, drag whatever it is there, then lock it before something scrambles the whole tray (it happens). Also, when I use hypos (or whatever) for reputation assignments, they are removed from my skills tray FIRST, even if I have a ton in inventory. So I have to go through the mess above each time. There is probably something I am doing wrong, so let?s hear it.

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