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09-21-2012, 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post

And whilst the poster above comes to the same conclusion, they are spouting classic misinformation regarding the mechanics of weapons power drain.
And you are absolutely right. I realized a flaw in my testing routines based upon another erroneous bit of information. AFfer restesting and adjusting for that bad information, EPS consoles provide absolutely no benefit for Weapon Firing Cycles.
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09-21-2012, 10:37 PM
Since these consoles are about 10000 ec for a mk xi rare you might as well buy them and try them and see for your self if it is good for your build. You can vender them after if you dont like then and be out maybe 5000 ec.

To me I find them useful but each build is different.
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09-22-2012, 12:52 AM
they are usefull in exactly 3 situations: maelwy5 stated them already, but i want to list them again.

1.)if you use beam overload 2 or 3...BO1 drains much less power
2.)if you charge into combat with full impulse on a regular bases
3.)if you tend to switch between power levels regularely

if you can get your hands on the ferengi combat module, use that instead. adds 47% EPS and 11% torp and mine dmg and some 17 points to flow capacitor.
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09-22-2012, 03:36 AM
Originally Posted by raj011 View Post
So is it worth having now?

kattarn what ship is that in you signature? I really like it, is that the new negvahr refit/variant?
D-70/ Khin'Vagh Class battleship i like she too  1340395851
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Originally Posted by baudl View Post

the problem is only, that the EPS console does not help you to recover weapon energy from normal beam fire...only from beam overload.
Not only people say otherwise also the description does and atleast a dozen tests done by other people.
It does however effect your powerlevels drastically when you switch powers to heal for instance.
I'm not sure what you observed with your combat logs, but i can assure you those 2 EPS consoles are a complete waste if you are not using beam overload, or switching between powers constantly.

it is exactly that kind of misinformation that brought forth this post in the first place.

Also there is to consider, that if you spend 0 points in power distribution system, the console is worthless because it is a percentage based value. and 100% of 0 is still 0.

PS: D'kora beam boat, srsly? how much more gimping a potentially good offensive cruiser can there be?
What's next? playing the fleet vor'cha as a heal cruiser?

Kattarn@Peliagus If you want to see this D?kora beam boat in action just pm me in game and we can do a 1vs1 anytime  1340395851

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Originally Posted by kattarn View Post
Kattarn@Peliagus If you want to see this D?kora beam boat in action just pm me in game and we can do a 1vs1 anytime
yeah why not, probably a stalemate anyway.
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01-09-2013, 12:29 AM
I did some testing on my D'kora with Beam Overload III and without using the Beam Overload. In the case of not using it there was not difference in recharge speed of the beam weapons after firing. Using an EPS console with +65% Power Transfer Rate I only achieved a 5% quicker recovery time over using the Beam Overload without the EPS Console. In all test with and without the above listed EPS console I did have my Ferengi D'Kora Rule 62 Console equipped which has a +45.8% Power Transfer Rate so that was in the baseline recovery time.

So yes it does help if you use Beam Overload (as I do) but the benefit is not worth the spot on my ship as I do not go into battle at full speed and I do not switch the power levels presets. I personal use Emergency Power to Shields (EPTS) with a +XX.X% to Shield Power Setting for 30 seconds and Hazard emitters with a +XX.X All Damage Resistance Rating for 15 seconds to slow down the damage taken versus having to switch to a maximum shield power level setting to heal them.

-- I am off topic now --

The reason that I do not power level change to heal shields is for my shields I have invested in Starship: Shield Performance, Starship: Warp Core Potential and Starship: Warp Core Efficiency that gives me a Shield Power Setting of 72 when set at 50 (UI Display: 72/50). I have invested in EPTS I and II when one is used it sets off the timer for the second one at 30 seconds and the one just used for 45 seconds so as long as you press the buttons you will always have a EMPTS active to bring your Shields Power Setting (for me) to 96/50 or 103/50.

This translates into Shield Generation (SG) of 284 or 312. For comparison an unmodified 50/50 Shield Power Setting has a SG of 100 and a 125/50 Shield Power Setting (game max) has a SG of 400.

Nagus of The Ferengi Confederation.

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