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01-09-2013, 01:32 AM
Yes ship tier thing is odd the way I put it in there. You just get a 50% bonus to your base per ship tier max being at tier 5 where the base is 3 times larger. So if we break down the TSS formula for TSS III with tier 5 ship

(100*(1+(ability lvl-1)/3)) = (100*(1+(3-1)/3)) = 166.6666

(ship tier*0.5+0.5) = (5*0.5+0.5) = 3

3*166.66666 = 500 which is the base number you used. The other two parts are the same.

I did only use 99 but I think my numbers are already high. I can?t check in game at the moment.

The reason I have the ship tier modifier in there is I am planning to make an Excel spreadsheet that you can enter in skills, gear, boff, etc. and it would tell you about what your power should be at. If I didn?t use the ability or ship modifier I would need to find 15 different base numbers. And more when they raise the lvl cap.
I am @allenlabarge in game

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