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# 1 Cyber Bullying at Drozana
01-09-2013, 04:23 AM
Edit: Every time a thread like this has been made,
It's resulted in closure due to the forum rules not being followed. I can see it heading down that path. If you have a concern, please report the player to a GM so they can investigate. Cyber bullying, harassment, etc. are not tolerated in STO. If you need more clarification on what this is, please read our TOS/EULA. Thanks! ~Brandon

Hello folks. Just wanted to touch on a very disturbing phenomenon I have experienced recently. Also to offer some advice.
There is a certain fleet perpetrating Cyber Bullying and offensive behavior at Drozana Stn it seems. Apparently they have been getting away with this in part by convincing people that they,"...own the developers".
Earlier tonite, a member of this fleet actually told me,"Go it to the GM... we are the developers and the GM can't do anything about us anyway."
If you have been one of their victims, please report their behavior to the GM with the question mark icon on the edge of the cox in the top roght corner of your screen. I can omly assime that they have gotten away with this abherant behavior because folks are not reporting them as they should be. My friends whom used to spend a lot of time at Droazana had to be prodded by me to begin reporting these bullies. I hope more of their victims will do so in order that the GM and Debelopers are made aware of the extent of this thuggery.
So please help to make this game more enjoyable for all the good players: Report abuse/bullying when it happens so that the offenders can be dealt with.
Thank you for your time... a real life Grandfather, Poru.

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