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The other day my fleet finally added the bartender project and it required 500 common food and 500 common drink consumables. The problem is, at vendors and the ship replicator I had to purchase them 1 at a time. I had to click 'Buy' then 'OK' x 1000 and it was really time consuming and tiring. How come we can't buy food/drink items as a whole stack? They stack up to 20 like hypos and shield recharges. I'd like to suggest that we can choose the amount up to a full stack of 20 of food and drink items when buying. I really see no reason at all why we can't. Also make it so we can type in a number like we can now since season 7.
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01-09-2013, 10:19 AM
This is something that needs attention. I would love to buy my drinks and food at a stack of 50, to start with. It gets tiresome to have to click so many times. I would also like to see an upgrade on the 3D models that are used to show that your character is consuming those food and drinks.

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