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Originally Posted by drogyn1701 View Post
That's a good type to shoot for. I think it could be doable with a combination of backdrops, nebula clouds, effects and maybe some other things. Plus using actual stellar phenomena is cool. Its always good to put some science in our fiction.
The other advantage of a Wolf-Rayet star would be the scale and distances you're talking about. You could very well enter the nebula surrounding the star while still being at quite a distance from the main part of the star--which would actually offer an explanation as to why the proportions seem so "off" (i.e. using a planet to stand in for a star, in the Foundry).

The solar wind velocities around Wolf-Rayet stars are pretty extreme. There could be some interesting effects you could use to really affect the player experience of that: minor camera shakes especially come to mind. Or...even dropping the player's shields, IF you decide the "nebula" surrounding the Wolf-Rayet star is close enough to that of a Mutara-class nebula.

Another interesting note about Wolf-Rayet stars: because of the mass of such stars, they very often progress in their evolution to become large supernovae. While STO makes it seem that the Hobus star had not evolved along these lines and was artificially seeded to explode, one could certainly imagine reasons why Starfleet might want to study a Wolf-Rayet star given that they are a) rare, b) prone to supernova, and c) could even be used by unscrupulous parties to cover for some sort of WMD use. ("Oh, that star was just an explosion waiting to happen--guess Starfleet's predictions of when the nova was going to happen were a little off!" would be the excuse.)

A large enough Wolf-Rayet star could even pose the danger of a hypernova.

Hypernovae are responsible for massive gamma ray bursts (one of the most destructive astronomical phenomena known to 21st century science) which could easily threaten other systems in the galaxy and even trigger mass extinction events. Which could even naturally approach the danger level--at least in certain systems--to the Hobus event.

So I think there is definitely a way not just to pull off this map, but a reason to build a mission around it.

I do not mind if someone else builds the map for this challenge using a Wolf-Rayet star, so long as they give credit for the idea of doing that class of star. (I work full time, so can't get anything together quickly.)

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