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01-10-2013, 07:13 AM
Originally Posted by novathelegend View Post
Hey all,

This is the build I have so far for my Fleet Nova.

MK XII Phaser DBB, MK XII Phaser BA, MK XII Quantum Torp fore.
2x MK XII Phaser Turrets, MK XII Quantum Torp Aft.

Borg Deflector, Borg Engines, MACO MK XII Shields.

Eng Consoles: RCS, Neutronium, Ablative

Sci Consoles: Borg Console, Particle Generator, 2X Field Generator

Tac Console: 3X Phaser Relay

Lt. Commander Tac Boff: Tac Team, BFAW2, TS3

Lt. Eng Boff: EPtS1, Eng Team2

Commander Sci: PH, TBR2, HE3, GW3

Lt. Sci: TSS1, CPB (will most likely change this out either way)

Ensign Sci: HE1
Well, I can't say it will help you but I have a few ideas...

Your Boff loadout is very similar to mine right now.

Swap out the Engineering team for Aux2Structural. If your Aux isn't that high (like higher than 60) Eng team might be a better choice, but Aux2Structural is hull heals AND resistance AND its reharge doesn't clash with any "team" abilities AND its recharge is only 15 seconds.

I'd recommend getting 1 Science Team, mainly just because you may run into Subnuke beam with some races. Maybe replace polarize hull...depending on how much you worry about tractor beams.

Strip off CPB and bump TSS up to tier II OR just replace CPB with another ability. I'd recommend Jam Targeting Sensors if you run STFs a lot and prioritize healing over damage. If not, go for tractor beam. It can work well with your GW and damaging their hull easily.

Always go for Tractor Beam I (that is, if you get it, prioritize TSS II). I think the only thing that changes is the kinetic damage, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

If you don't mind my asking, why the RCS for Engineering? Nova's turn rate is supposed to be already great. If anything, you should replace it with another damage resistance or EPS Flow Regulators.

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