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# 1 LTS has NOT spent any RL $$$
01-10-2013, 08:50 AM
I am a LTS member and have NOT spent any RL money in the Z store since November 2012. I usually buy between 5000-10000 Zen each month.

The Dilth rate was at 88/1 yesterday, last time I bought dilth it was at 151/1. I will NOT spend anymore RL $$$ in the Z store untill the Dilth Econ gets fixed. This also means I will NOT be buying any more Keys for lockboxes either.

I am not alone, the other LTS members that I know have either curbed their spending or are NOT buying any Zen.

The dilth grind is long and sux...but my RL entertainment $$$ are better spent on "other" entertainment venues that DO NOT try to suck my pocketbook...dry.

Outside of the Dilth Econ being ran by greedy over the top business execs...I think the Devs are doing a...Wonderful Job.

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