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01-10-2013, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by jellico1 View Post
I would like to see Doff missions mixed with pve missions

Doff team is captured, Go to planet X and rescue them

Doff team is exposed and running from the bad guys calling for help !

Doff team gets involved in local dispute and requires reinforcements of other doffs

Doff team finds Alien technology requires the ship to come and extract it,many possibilitys here

First contact ! many possibilitys
Personally, I'd like to see more used the way the three in the dominion story arc were where they only take 10 minutes and you trigger them via an npc in the mission. In that case it is either 3 espionage missions for the klingon representative or three security and engineering missions for the federation representative. Very nice.

Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
I consider a good mission one that does at least one of the following:

1) Gives a good amount (400 minimum) of X cxp.
2) Gives contraband or something else useful as loot.
3) Gives at least 300 dilithium (mostly applies to KDF).
4) Gives a good DOff/Boff or fleet marks as a reward.
5) Gives at least 200 Colonial/Recruitment cxp (preferably more, everyone who does DOffs knows those are the biggest pains to get in large amounts cheaply).
6) Does one of those 5 and has none or Low as the casualty risk. (just makes it very preferable)
7) Does one of the above and doesn't take more than 20 hours. (makes it preferable, even though there are long ones that are very much worth it, like "Instigate Defection" and "Establish Long Distance Trade Routes")

And there are also a lot of good filler DOff missions, like recruitment missions from Klingon and Starfleet Academy, Fleet Mark missions from your Starbase, things like that.
I've only ever seen 2 klingon missions that give over 250 dilithium: undine changeling and deport colonists. What others give 300 or more? Or are you counting crits also? Because dilithium mining is "only" 250, for example, and eva suit is 50, jem hadar boarding sim is 50, etc.
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01-10-2013, 12:16 PM
I've only ever seen 2 klingon missions that give over 250 dilithium: undine changeling and deport colonists. What others give 300 or more?
They have a "Forced Labor Camp" mission in each support cluster (350 dil), "Consign Prisoners to Labor battalion" at First City (1000), "Execute Changeling Spy" (500), "Forced Labor Requisition" (500) in at least half-a-dozen space sectors and "Execute Mutineers" (750 IIRC)...
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01-14-2013, 08:23 AM
I posted this in another thread, but something I'd like to see is to make visitable locations like space stations and planets into duty officer hubs for entire regions. My example was that speaking to the Ferengi trader on Deep Space Nine would show all Trade missions for the Beta Ursae, Alpha Trianguli and Zeta Andromedae sectors in one convenient location. In addition there would be a bunch of extra missions for the location itself; for example Deep Space Nine would be a great location for engineering experience since it's always on the brink of falling to pieces. It would also make sense to add Task Force Omega assignments that can be retrieved from their shop (and the fleet rally point).

Similar treatment for other worlds and stations would help to make them much bigger social hubs by adding a bunch more stuff to do.

I'd also like to see duty officers gain some kind of experience mechanic; currently you can trade in duty officers to trade them up and while this is a convenient way to do so, it might be nice if we can treat them more as actual members of our crew with assignments for developing them under the appropriate category; for example you would improve engineering staff by doing special engineering assignments to earn them experience points. Either that or once you've accumulated enough duty officer experience a special assignment will appear that allows you to upgrade an officer. For example you might take five uncommon officers, and a success will result in one being upgraded to common, and a critical success might upgrade two of them. The same kind of thing would happen for fare and very rare but perhaps with smaller group sizes. The latter option would avoid the need to track experience for each officer individually.
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01-14-2013, 08:37 AM
The DOFFJobs Spreadsheet is a continuously-updated page that lists a ton of great assignments. A must-bookmark for any doffer!
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