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# 1 Build For Orb Weaver?
01-10-2013, 10:53 AM
I've been trying 2 or 3 builds for my Orb Weaver, not successful. So I'm looking for a better build. My character is a tactical officer. I've also been thinking: Should I go Phased Tetryon or Polarized Disruptor? Thank you for your help. Here is the Orb Weaver's setup:

Bridge Officer slots:

1 Commander Science
1 Lieutenant Commander Universal
1 Lieutenant Commander Engineering
1 Ensign Science
1 Ensign Tactical

3 Fore, 3 Aft


4 Science
3 Tactical
3 Engineering
I would love to visit this star in-game...or maybe this one!

Originally Posted by shurato2099
Won't SOMEONE please think of the CHILDREN?!

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