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# 8 Please remove this restriction
01-10-2013, 11:28 AM
The restriction on minimum time for a foundry mission to count for the daily is really killing this game for me and my friends that (occassionally) play. I don't play a lot, and I'm in a small fleet of about a dozen players only about 5 of which put much time into the game at all. We have a Tier II starbase, which is nice but I essentially feel like I've done "everything I care to do" with the game except experiment with new and different ship builds... a lot of which is waiting on Tier IV starbase. The only reason we were able to even claw our way to Tier II was due to a couple members of the fleet not really having much time to put into the game at all, but they could log in from work or wherever really just for like 10-15 minutes once a day and do the "instant" foundry daily and make a small contribution to the fleet. Our fleet advancement has dropped to near 0 due to this change.

My question is... Who cares if there's 1 daily out there that someone can do in 5 minutes? Everyone can do it, so it really doesn't hurt anyone, but it really helps the 9-5 family players make a small during the week contribution to their fleet. This change has been 100% negative. It's stopped the "log in daily for a moment" from several of my fleet mates, which led to the next step of them not logging in on the weekends for a few hours even, so the "active in fleet" is down from 5 to about 1, since Season 7 went live. And when you're the 1, it's hard to motivate yourself to log in anymore.

So, thanks for that? Please, just lift this (pointless) restriction so I can at least get a few of my friends back to checking in here and there and maybe running an STF or two on the weekends again!

Thank you!

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