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Ship: Odyssey,Tactical variant

Fore:Romulan Plasma DBB,Experimental Romulan Beam Array,Romulan Hyper Torpedo Launcher,Omega Force Torpedo Launcher

Aft:x3 Romulan Plasma Beam Array,Borg Cutting Beam
All are Mk XII (acc)x2

Deflector:Maco Xll
Engines:Adapted Maco Xll
Shields:Adapted Maco Xll

Devices:RMC,Subspace field modulator,Distress Call(battleship),Dueterium Burn

Engineering:Nuetrionuim Mk Xll blue x2,Zeropoint Module,Temporal Console
Sci:Field Emmiters Mk Xll Blue x2,Borg console
Tac: Plasma Damage Consoles x3

Bridge Officers:
Engineering (commander):Eptw1,Epts2,Rsp2,AuxtSif3

X2 vr Projectile
X2 vr Conn Officers(tac team variant)
X1 vr maintenance(battery one)

Sctrictly a PVE build,just curious what people think,what I might need to improve upon,or just to yell at me for flying an odyssey.

Ps.not my main ship,just one I like to pull from drydock once in a while.

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01-10-2013, 01:32 AM
I love my Odyssey so I certainly won't criticize you for using it. However I think using the universals on tactical boffs undercuts the Ody's greatest strength, which is absorbing absurd amounts of punishment while maintaining steady return fire. Also, I can tell you like spike damage with 2 overloads, the Romulan 3-piece ability, and 2 torps, but I really have to question using all that forward-arc stuff on a ship that turns so poorly. (Maybe on the Breen ship?) Works against the Borg, but anything moving I just imagine it being a pain.

On gear and what to rearrange, rather than suggesting 'buy this buy that' and spend way too much, I'm gonna ask what you already have in terms of beam arrays, DBBs, and STF sets?
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# 3
01-10-2013, 01:35 AM
I reckon having 2 THY and 2 BO is overkill. I would remove the THY1 for another TT1, and the BO3 for an attack pattern. I assume those two science consoles are Field Generators, not Emitters.

Also, what is the Maintenance Doff for?
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# 4
01-10-2013, 04:07 AM
I agree with reginamala78 and smokeybacon90.

IMHO, you're better off switching EPtS and RSP. RSP2 isn't much better than 1 but EPtS3 is great for someone tanking in an Ody. Also, to enable you to chain EPtS you may want to consider the Dmg Control Eng Doffs.

Also, if you're going to be DPSing and tanking I would recommend some Sci Field Gens and 2 copies of TT1.\ (this will free up 2 DOFF slots).

GL, I love my Ody, hope you will too.

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01-10-2013, 09:42 AM
Hi, Inputend.

I've got a Tac Ody, The ORCA, with an engineer captain. I read your post and offer some tips.

First, dump the DBB-BO and Hy Skills. You can keep a torp in the rear-I recommend Romulan/Omega for set bonuses, otherwise I would have you slot another beam.

Load up two copies of beam fire at will. Get 3 romulan embassy + plasma damage sci consoles. With the experimental set bonus you basically add more then another tac console worth of plasma damage.

The Orca is a tank. I run a sci in my lt.cmder slot. My focus on healing myself and others, mostly myself because 6 in threat control and the + threat on those romulan consoles make threat control a breeze in pve. Anyways, all my focus on healing has not gimped the Orca's damage output in the slightest. I typtically run 6-7k dps on infected elite which my fleet uses as a measuring stick for testing new builds.

If you run a tac in the lt.cmder slot, don't be tempted by the turn bonus of omega, you will get far more bang out of a beta2.

Good Luck, Captain.

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# 6
01-10-2013, 02:55 PM
Ok,yes they are Field Generators not emitters *facepalm*

The maintence doff gives me a Huge benefit while using RMC,and well I mainly STF,and launching almost non-stop plasma torps is pretty fun,as for STF sets,I own all of them,Borg MK XII,MACO Mk XII,Omega MK XII,,Own full set of Phaser beam Arrays,Antiproton,all Fleet advanced.

And all my boffs are effiecent,and with the set im using gives me a 25% torpedo damage bonus,+7 to my Aux power,and crew resists and regen bonuses.

As for stats,my power is 125/95,81/50,52/25,71/30,Hull strength is at 57,943 and shields are at 16,755,turn rate of 10.3.

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