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I do agree it would be nice maybe when we get the option to get new ships we could use option to "Jurry rig" maybe even for a zen cost this this will combine the two vessiles into a Jurryrigged "name of higher vessle" a jurry rigged vessle will have the upper vesstle's stats,hp,stations ect so it would never be consider over powered per say since it is functionally the higher vessle,

however give it the option to use apearances from the lower vessle in customization so lets say i got my level 20 science vessle that looks like somone put GladOS on a stick and i jurry rigged it with the VESTA science vessle purchaceable with zen. it will be called a Jurryrigged Vesta, it woud look like GladOS and have the stats of a vesta and it will be a triumph!

WOW has a system like this with weapons and armor, you can only merge items of the same type and certian items (promotional/holiday) cant be merged. (though for a while i had a high level quest hat that looked like bunny ears)

another thought along similar lines would be sell "skins" or a "holoemmiter" for gpl or zen that would make your ship "look" like the "skin" or another one of your ships. the holoemmiter could turn off in pvp.

and to the person who says they wont change anything i suggest making sure you point out to the company how this can be used to sell zen/subscriptions/lifetime they are a company so pointing out ways to make money will probibly be implemented sooner than quality of life options.

this idea has a lot of potential for sale as people might buy ships for stats they wouldnt have cause they looked ugly, or purchase ships for looks alone. heck they could potentially sell officer stations/wepon slots/console slots/hp, speed and shield upgrades for zen(level capped of course) if they wanted to let people upgrade rather than a cosmetic merge or holgram.

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